Lightning da Queen

Monday, April 15, 2013

He got everything he wished for: A Lightning da Queen party, Lightning da Queen toys, chocolate cake, games with friends...pure bliss.

Vic came home from work about an hour or two early and decided at the last minute that he wanted to make a Lightning McQueen cake. I guess my cupcakes weren't good enough. I have to say, he did a pretty good job.

So now he is 4. Now he rides his new pedal bike (more on that later!), I stand back in awe as I see his mind expanding by the second.

It was a nice, simple party with loved ones.

*For those of you who might be curious:
-I bought a set of Cars stickers at Wal-Mart for $.99. I then stuck them to colorful card stock and cut fun shapes around them. I taped the card stock pieces to a toothpick and stuck them in the cupcakes.
-Fun vinyl polka dot tablecloth from Old Navy a few years back-$5
-Vic baked his cake in a bread pan then cut and shaped it.


  1. Happy Birthday Peter! Looks like the best kind of little boy birthday party you can have. Way to go on the cake, Vic!!

  2. Cute! It looks like Peter had a blast! Vic did such a good job on the cake, and your cupcakes were really cute, too!

  3. Cute little grandson loves Lightning Da Queen too. Ha Ha!! It is funny the way kids say stuff. I am excited to take him next year to "CARS" land at Disneyland. With kids, we adults think we have to get all fancy and do it up really BIG...but I think the kids are happy with whatever we do for them, just so their day is special and they feel loved. Good on you and Vic for giving Peter the kind of party that was perfect for him. Looks like it was a blast!!


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