Just Some Things I'm Loving

Thursday, April 4, 2013
I wanted to share some things that are bringing me happiness lately. From food to people to products, here's a list of Molly's Happys:

-Trader Joe's Creamy Salted Peanut Butter. Made from roasted peanuts. No added sugar or oils. Delish and a half!

-Meeting blog readers. You guys--people read my blog. Its so weird. Remember how the Mormon pioneers and prophets taught us to write in our journals? And how they never, in their wildest dreams, imagined that our genealogies and thoughts on faith and life's journeys would ever become so widely public and even profitable? That's just plum crazy. (And we wonder why so many Mormon women blog). Ok, but my point is that people still read this. And then they introduce themselves to me at the zoo or the park or the mall and I LOVE IT. (Or sometimes they come to my house to buy things I'm trying to get rid of).  Not because it makes me feel "popular" (oh, the glorified High School popular crowd competition blogging feels like sometimes...), but because I get to MEET new people. People--mothers, fathers, women, girls, who have known extreme heartbreak. People who have cried over my words and prayed for me. Why would I ever not want to meet them and hug them? I can't even handle it. And all my blog readers are so darn darling and fun and interesting and kind and good. There have been times that I want to throw a party for myself (birthday?) and invite all of my blog readers to come. Who doesn't want great new friends? Lets do it. Maybe for Lucy's 5 yr. angelversary next month. Will you come?

-Vivite face cleanser and moisturizer. I was introduced to this stuff at the dermatologist's office a few years ago when I was having major acne issues. $$$$ Oh my. But, wait! Vic suggested I look for it on Amazon. Lo, and behold, so much cheaper. And listen to me....I have had consistently good skin since I started using it. PTL.

-Peter. Oh, I'm so in love. The things he says! The things he does! I will devote an entire blog post to him next week for his FOURTH BIRTHDAY. I'm really enjoying this age. So much better than...shall we say...the last 3.6 years?

-DoTerra Essential Oils--its true. I can't help myself. They are wonderful and amazing and I'll have to blog more about them a little later. Never heard of them? You must partake.

-It goes without saying, but RUNNING.

-Spring weather. Let me say that again--SPRING WEATHER!

-My iphone. But especially with the headset/speaker/earpiece thing. I live with that in my ears so I can talk and still be hands free.

-Finally fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans!! Remember that time my SIL called me 6 weeks after having her baby telling me she was so excited to fit back into her jeans again? Ummm...ya. 10 months later and I'm finally in the same boat. It feels good. Very good.

-Instagram. Greatest app. I just adore everything about it. (Follow me @smallyspice)

-Roasted pecans. We buy the big bags from Costco. I cut a clean slit across the entire top of the bag, dump them all onto a cookie sheet, throw them in the oven on 250 for about 30 minutes. Once they are cooled I dump them all back into the bag. I snack on them everyday. Put them on cottage cheese with fruit, oatmeal, with clementines, add to trail mix, and always on salad. Love me some roasted pecans! So delish. And surprisingly so much tastier once they are roasted as opposed to plain. I learned this from my nut-loving father.

-My current book, "Honolulu" by Alan Brennert. Great read. I won't say that I lurve it...but I like it quite a little bit.

-And lastly, I love that I get to sing a duet with THEEE Angela Jeffries in 4 weeks at the Historic Murray Theatre. You must get your buns to the concert. I'm so serious. Do not miss it.


  1. I just like you so very, VERY much.

  2. I was just going to say that same thing! ^

    I've been reading your blog and adoring you and crying with you for 5 (FIVE?!) years, but ever since becoming a mama recently, I just feel you so much deeper. I admire your strength and grace and I just think you're really, really lovely <3

  3. Love this post! Even though I want to hate you for being like, half my size. And i'm short too. I need to run again. I am just not motivated or something. And please have a party and invite me! Id totally come. I loooove meeting new friends too. Xoxo

  4. Um, my UTERUS weighs 108 pounds, you teeny tiny cutie patooty.

    And if you build it, they will come.

    Meaning, I think with good notice of a shindig, your blog readers would come in droves.

  5. I will be in Utah at the end of June/beginning of July - I know that's after Lucy's angelversary, but... STILL! I would LOVE to meet you in person!

  6. So... I'm the shorty (er than you!) that introduced myself to you at the zoo. aaaand i went to high school with candace. SMALL world i tell ya. I'm just mildly obsessed with you. I want to be you. that's all. OH and YES please on the par-tay!

  7. I love seeing you so happy! And I would LoVE to meet you in person... But what are the chances now that I moved? Not great.

  8. Can you tell me exactly which cleanser and moisturizer it is? I am thirty and way to old to be having such acne. Thank you!

  9. PS, I would TOTALLY come. And I've had the same thought... I have lots of local friends who are also bloggers too and have thought up a "blogger" party many times... obviously I haven't ever done it... ;)

  10. My, how I love you. Meeting you was the best thing of my week and I am still soooooooo glad you didn't disappoint. Ha! Even better in person - is that even possible?! It's true.


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