Easter Thoughts

Monday, April 1, 2013

Today was a sweet day, though a somber weekend.  Some dear friends of ours [Jason & Heidi Hamilton] lost their little boy Linkin this week.  We went to the funeral in Cedar city Saturday.  It was hard to see how devastated this normally cheerful couple is....  Did I look that exhausted at Lucy's funeral?  I imagined that they were feeling much like we were - "this can't be real"... like we were living someone else's life and you have to go along with everyone until you can figure out how to get back to reality.  It reminded me of the feeling after the funeral "now what?" because there certainly can't be anything else.  The world is over now, right?  At the same time it was inspiring to see the Hamiltons; their faith and grace.  They were warm and kind and I have no doubt their son Link is proud of them and grateful to them for the opportunities he had as part of their family.

This afternoon we went down to the cemetary.  It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, spring is here with the promise of summer and more sunshine on its way. We had a delicious little picnic and enjoyed the grass and trees and blue skies.

We met a sweet family who had a son Peter's age.The two of them ran around all over the place.  This good family lost their youngest boy 3 yrs ago when he was 2 days old.

 I'd been thinking about going to the cemetery all week long. For some reason I kept thinking that maybe we would get to bring Lucy home - that we would get there and the cemetary would be full of people waking up. It made me excited! Even on the way down I kept thinking it. I told myself that it wouldn't be this Easter but I couldn't shake the expectation. I am grateful for He who made my hope possible [even if my expectation is a little premature].  All in good time....  I guess there is more to be done before we get to that point... Its not a question of "if" but "when".

Happy Easter my dear friends-



  1. Such a beautiful post.....I love thinking about the hope and joy that lies ahead of us that we know will come. We know on that perfect wonderful amazing day, we will all be together with those we love and those we have lost. They aren't "really" lost but only in a different place and time for a little while. You have a sweet sweet family and I always appreciate your wise, profound words that bring tears to my eyes.

  2. My dearest friend in all the world is in a wheelchair with a degenerative disease. She also lost her husband in an accident a few years back. She is full of hope and every Easter I imagine the incredibly joyous reunion they will have as she sheds her broken body and runs into his arms again. I cry just imagining it! That is what Easter is all about is the hope of those joy filled reunions!

  3. Thank you! What a perfect Easter post!

  4. Oh Vic I love that thought and that image of Lucy waking up and coming home with you! Can't wait!!!


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