Back in the Saddle

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
*Photo taken November 2012 in Vista, CA (Jackson Family Thanksgiving 5K)

Vic and I have been training for the American Fork Canyon half marathon. And can I just say, once again, how much I love running? And may I also say how much more I love running now that I'm no longer breastfeeding? AND...can I tell you how much more enjoyable running is now that I have an iphone? These are the apps I use while running:

-Runkeeper (tracks my time, distance, pace, etc.)
-RSS Radio (I listen to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, Freakonomics Radio, and The Moth)

I can also read my texts and even make phone calls if I absolutely have to. But I never stop running.

Running is my meditation time. It is my me time. It enlivens and invigorates me. It strengthens me and gives me more energy. It allows me to enjoy the world around me on a deeper level. I don't feel like I've ever really enjoyed a city/area until I have run there.

Vic and I have been reading "Eat Right For Your Type." Its a book about eating right for your blood type and I find it to be spot on. Everything in the book rings true with me. I'm far from perfect in my diet (and by that I simply mean the food I eat, not any sort of "diet plan"), but the more I follow the guidelines in this book, the better I feel. I happen to be O- blood type...this means I need a lot of meat. I have found that all of the foods I am naturally drawn to and enjoy are also the types of food that this book says are good for me. Wheat is a major no-no for my blood type. I think you should read it.

I was reading about type A blood and how they are often naturally thinner people and they do quite well on a vegetarian diet. I immediately thought of my friend, Erin Linthorst, who is both of these things (thin and a vegetarian) and I texted her just to see if this book was really onto something. She wrote back and said she had just had her blood drawn for her pregnancy and was told she is A+. Well whadayaknow?

So what am I saying with this random and poorly worded blog post? You should get out and run. Or walk. You should take your smartphone with you and listen to these great podcasts and watch as you cover ground. And you should find out your blood type and help your body to help you enjoy life.

Cliffnotes version:

If your blood type is O
-Eat meat (high protein, low carbohydrate)
-Cut out wheat and most other grains
-Engage in vigorous aerobic exercise
-Your risk factors for ulcers and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis increase if you eat incorrectly for  your type

If your blood type is A
-You should be a vegetarian (high carbohydrate, low fat)
-Engage in gentle exercise such as yoga or golf.
-Mediate to deal with stress
-Your risk factors for cancer and heart disease increase if you eat incorrectly for your type

If your blood type is B
-You should have the most varied diet of all the blood types, one including meat: yours is the only blood type that does well with dairy products (Dad?)
-Engage in exercise such as moderate swimming or walking
-Your risk for slow-growing viruses that attack the nervous system increases if you eat incorrectly for your type

If your blood type is AB
-You have most of the benefits and intolerances of types A and B.
-Engage in calming exercises and relaxation techniques.
-You have the friendliest immune system of all the blood types. 


  1. Absolutely brilliant! Can't wait to read the book. It was a fabulous day finally meeting you and your littles!! And p.s. Can't wait to see you and Vic at the American Fork Half!!!!!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! I just Googled and read about my type, Type O, and OH MY GOSH the description was ME EXACTLY, from my personality to some of the physical problems I experience. Even the kind of exercise I crave - aerobics types. This is so crazy, but I'm sooooo trying this, and thank you for the information. It's so crazy, I've given up meat for 28 years and that's the one thing I'm supposed to eat. We'll see what happens.

  3. Steve and I are running the AF Canyon half too! I hope to see you there. We should enjoy some Kneaders french toast together! I am very interested in the blood type theory. I am type O and have been bugged by sore hips during my training. I want to read up on this. Love you Molly!

  4. Wow. I think it would be interesting to see what percentage of people with gluten intolerance or celiacs have type O blood. Interesting. Have you always ran? I'm wanting to start after I have this baby, but I've never been good at endurance running, but I want to be.


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