Ski With Me

Monday, March 11, 2013

We took Peter skiing a few weeks ago. He was a champ. It was a sunny, beautiful day and my heart was full of so much joy I thought it would burst. Did I ever, in my darkest days of grief, think I could experience this much clarity and joy again in my life? No. Never. Ever. 

Do you see this amazing contraption? It's like a moving sidewalk but for skiers. I vote this the greatest invention of the 21st century. It is thick rubber with grippers on it. So easy for kids! Forget the old rope tows. This thing is genius. 

Vic and I got another ski outing together (sans children) recently. It was such a blizzard but such a blast. Our friends, the Aldens, graciously let us park at their place (they live in the ski resort) and walk out their back door onto the ski hill. Magic, I tell you! This photo was taken on the drive to their house. And this is why, when I see 4-wheel drive vehicles in places like California, I ask myself, "WHY?" Here, it is an absolute necessity. 

I took this photo while sitting in the Red Pine Lodge sipping a warm drink. Nothing stops my Vic from a good adventure. After making a few runs in conditions like this, he joined me in the lodge again and told me that he had just ridden the lift with THIS GUY. Talk about a perspective shake-up. Here I was sitting in the lodge complaining that visibility was too bad and this guy is legally blind and a snowboard champion out on the slopes. 

*It was a rough day on the hill. The winds were pretty ferocious. BUT--I spent quality time with a quality guy in a quality place and made some quality memories. 

*Remember--I write these happy winter posts to help myself cope with the long, long season here. I have to get out and enjoy it and remember all the great things these gorgeous mountains have to offer. Otherwise, I will go insane. 


  1. I love the sepia tone picture! I want a copy!! Looks so beautiful! But don't you wish you had 80 degree weather like us?

  2. Molly- When you write about the joy and clarity in your life now and compare it to your early days of grief, you give a grieving mommy like me so much hope. I am starting to see a little light but oh, it's SO much work. Thank you for writing and sharing your life. It has made a big difference in mine. XOXO - Abby

  3. Where is the moving sidewalk contraption? Park City resort? So glad you're feeling good. Spring weather is on it's way - Hang in there!

  4. Just got back from skiing in Italy and the magic carpet scared me so much! As a group of total beginners people were apt to losing their balance and falling off so it would suddenly jolt to a stop and everyone would try to keep their balance!


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