How He's Doing in Preschool

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I got to attend Parent-Teacher conference with Peter last week. For any of you who have been reading my blog for a while--you know how absolutely insane Peter was as a young toddler. I honestly thought I would die of "motherhood". I often said I could be a Navy Seal. I was trained to function on very little sleep, run miles a day keeping up with him, all while trying to stay alive and eat healthy and not let "the little enemy" destroy me. (Oh, and I recently heard of a study that says that mothers of boys have shorter lives. Case in point.)

But I digress...I'm here to tell you a few things:

I am so thankful he has such a fabulous preschool program to attend. I'm so thankful he has such amazing teachers. (The above photo is Miss Deana. She speaks nothing but Spanish to Peter. I love it. We're gearing him up for the dual immersion program at the same school which begins in Kindergarten.) I'm thankful that Peter is an EXCELLENT student who is excited to be at school and participates in all the activities. He is funny, smart, social, and I'm told his best subject in preschool is music. Yay!

I left our little conference on cloud 9. Peter has scored off the charts in all of their assessments. I think the little stinker has inherited his father's genius. Ok, and mine as well.

Guys--you can do it. Your little monster will one day turn into a (somewhat) manageable, sweet, little boy.

I hope he will continue to make good choices and succeed in life. I love him so!

Oh, and in Peter's classroom they have a little reading area where they made a large family tree with photos of all the students' families. You bet I sent a photo of angel Lucy. I love that she is a part of his family at home and at school, as well as church of course. They sit around and talk about family relationships in their class and point to sister, brother, mother, father, cousin, etc. Bless those wonderful teachers who are so warm and accepting of my little Peter and my Lucy.


  1. I just got major goosebumps reading this. I'm so happy for Peter and also how sweet it is to always include Lucy (of course). You're such a sweet mama.

  2. So good to know... Eli is hitting the toddler phase where is much more drama than my girls were. Godo to know he will grow into a sweet boy!!

  3. Women with boys live shorter lives... going off the way my week went with Finn and Owen along with the utter exhaustion of carrying boy #3, I believe it! I'm glad preschool is going so well for Peter. Way to go, Peter!


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