Have You Been Feeding Your Baby Salads?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zoë June--9 months old today!
15 pounds even
3rd percentile for weight
25th for height
30th for head
Off the charts in cuteness

My kids have the greatest doctor. Her name is Lena Terry. Her ex-husband is this guy: 

Any LOST fans out there will recognize him as Jack Shepherd's father. But the fact that she was married to him for 25 years is beside the point of this really great story. It is fun to "talk shop" (she thinks I'm a "real" actor) about my performing projects and the latest work her ex is up to. (They are still good friends.) Turns out he's retired now and lives on a sailboat in Mexico. 

The point is--Dr. Terry is great. Interesting, smart, lovely, caring. Just great. 

With Zoë eating solid foods these days, I thought it was appropriate to tell her one of my favorite stories of all time. It's a story passed down to my sister from her friend in Michigan. And now I'm passing it down to you. 

While Lana was examining Zoë today and asking about her diet, sleep patterns, etc. I laid this gem on her. 

"Sooo...I have a funny story to tell you."

"My sister lived in Michigan for several years. A friend of hers took her 6 month-old baby in for her standard appointment and the doctor kept asking her if she was feeding her baby salads."

Doctor Terry, "What??"

"Ya. She was completely insistent on it. You need to be feeding your baby salads! She's six months old now."

"My sister's friend just stared at the doctor like she was crazy but didn't know what to say."

"They carried on with the appointment, got all the shots and measurements and as the doctor was leaving she again said something about feeding her baby salads."

"That's when she realized that this doctor, with her heavy Michigan accent, was saying SOLIDS."

Doctor Terry was busting a gut. She excused herself and went out to tell the staff the story. And yes, I felt pretty special for making my beautiful, stylish, used-to-be-married-to-a-movie-star doctor laugh. What's also great is the fact that she's been texting me all day telling me how much all the other parents she's seen today love the story. Park City is going to be filled with salad-eating babies. 

Have you been feeding YOUR baby salads?


  1. That one is a gem. I miss Michigan and every Michigander's insistence that they don't have an accent.

  2. That is so funny and I LOVE and miss LOST! Sniff! Thanks for the story! :)

  3. Fun story! Zuzu likes her some lettuce! It sounds like you have such a good rapport with your pediatrician! I wish! Is Dr Terry in PC?

  4. baaaaaahaha! That *is* a funny story! I thought maybe you were feeding Zoe salad and I was confused. hee hee.

  5. What? Your baby doesn't like Caesar and arugala yet? I thought that was pretty standard. Kidding. So funny!

  6. Okay, read this this morning & all day I've been walking around saying "Feed your baby saaalads" and loling. So. funny.


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