Hidden Gems--Part 2 A CHEESE GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THIS PLACE. You guys--this place! Who knew that the highlight of our weekend getaway to Midway, UT would be the cheese factory? It was fascinating. I loved everything about it. The building, the location, the freshness, the tastes, the owners, the process of cheese making....bring it on. 


And here we have Vic talking to Grant, the owner. He is a third generation dairy farmer. We got the entire inside scoop on Heber Valley Milk. I found it fascinating. There used to be over 125 dairies in the Heber Valley and now there are 3. 

This is where the magic happens. (Or maybe I should have a photo of the inside of your mouth and say that that is where all the magic happens...)

I get to pick whatever cheeses I want? Are you kidding me? 

-Orange peel and Rosemary
-Aggiano Parmesean (STOP IT RIGHT NOW!)
-Snake Creek Sharp Cheddar
-Tomato Basil cheese curds

the list goes on

So here's the deal--you can win a free cheese making class (you'll learn how to make your own fresh mozzarella. You'll be able to do it in your kitchen at home and never again buy from the store. I am so excited I can't stand it) AND cheese tasting (the class happens first and then the cheese tasting afterward). Here's what you need to do:

- Go to their facebook page and "like" them. 
-Next, tell me why you need a night out (with me and Vic) to learn how to make your own cheese!
-Third, share this link on your facebook page and tell people what a friend we have in cheeses! And in Heber Valley Milk!


The setting is beautiful. You can look out the window and see the cows in the pasture. You can eat fresh soups and sandwiches, ice cream, sample cheese, purchase raw milk, learn how to make yogurt, make new friends, see the GORGEOUS Heber Valley (Midway, specifically. I dreamed we moved there the other night--that's how taken I was with this place.)

Can't wait to meet you and learn to separate our curds from our whey. 

Winner will be chosen Thursday, February 28th. 

*Note--if you don't win, or don't care to enter the contest, but still want to come to a cheese making class with me, let me know and I'll add you to our list. I think it sounds like a super fun group date night. 


  1. Ooooh man. I love me some cheese! I could use a night out because I'm a teacher (who always needs a night out), because I haven't had an awesome date in I don't even KNOW how long, and because I am totally daring when it comes to trying new cheeses so I'd be fun to have along. Pick me! (jmnewman@byu.net). And I liked their page and shared. :)

  2. Awesome. I did a mozzarella class about a year ago at a farm outside of Seattle. It was fantastic. After class, I bought the enzyme and rennet and am all set to do it on my own...but I've yet to do it.

    Have fun with your winner! It'd be cool if we lived closer.

  3. I fell in love with Midway the first time I set eyes on it, I dream about moving there EVERY night!!! I LOVE cheese, like my toddler loves his 3 binkies he carries around night and day. AND me and the hubs need to do some serious re-connecting, and learning to make mozzarella just might be the ticket :) Pick me!!!

  4. Even though I can't go cheese eating with you, I am laughing at "Oh what a friend we have in cheeses"! You really ARE the Mormon Weird Al!

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  6. I really want to learn how to make mozzarella cheese so I can bring it to my parent's house for the weekly homemade pizzas! Plus, my mouth is watering just thinking about the cheese tasting. My husband and I still have not done anything for Valentine's day and I would love to be able to use this as my gift to him. He went on his mission to Germany and as a result he loves trying all kinds of cheeses.

  7. My husband just found out that he is losing his job. The news has left a bit of sadness in the house as we are uncertain of the future. We have three kids to raise, including two teenagers! We could use a night out to be in the "now" and just have fun. We could use a little happy and well, cheese always makes me happy :) So...pick me! Jamie Neff neff3@juno.com

  8. This is perfect for my husband..he has always wanted to be a goat farmer. Our dates have a gotten a little boring in our middle age.haha. To hang out with you guys...fun!!!! Oh and we love midway and squeaky cheese:) juliehwinder@gmail.com

  9. This is my husband's last semester in school! YEA! It has been a a tough one and I really haven't had a husband much. He is either working, going to school, working, doing homework, or working! Did I say working....yeah, he does a lot of that! We also LOVE cheese!

  10. oh yeah my email is joeysmamaATgmailDOTcom

  11. Dairy is my favorite food group!! I need a night out because my life has been insane for the past 3 years straight. As a mom of five kids ranging from the ages of six to sixteen...that should keep me busy enough...but I also work part time in my husband's business taking care of all of his scheduling and booking (which I do not get paid for by the way) and on top of that I balance 16 credit hours of school while maintaining a 4.0 G.P.A. If that is not crazy enough...we just renewed our Adult Foster Care License and are preparing to have an adult with a disability live with our family full time. Yeah...I know...I am insane! However...the biggest reason that I need to get a way is to bring my sweetheart of eighteen years to meet one of the most influential people in my life (YOU...MOLLY) and to reconnect with Vic and tell you the story of how nineteen years ago in his front room...he (Vic) introduced me to my eternal sweetheart! He set us up on a blind date and the rest was history! So if those reasons do not count...then I don't know what will. Keep in mind though...I am in Arizona (living by your AWESOME sister-in-law Jennifer (who was my best friend in high school)!! But if I am disqualified for living in Arizona...then I guess I will take second prize of living each day of my glorious life and spending every minute busy...busy...busy! I would not change a thing! Christina

  12. By the way...my email is cinabear@hotmail.com


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