February Films--What My Son Sees

Monday, February 4, 2013

This moment with my son really surprised me. I was shocked that he would imitate me at the computer writing about Lucy choking on an apple. He knows this is what I do when I'm on the computer--I work on my blog. I share our family story. What an impressionable young mind watching and soaking in everything I do. I need to be good! I need to set an example of love and strength and a healthy functioning adult.

It stings my heart a little to know that this is part of our family culture for him--that his parents share such a sad story with the world. But it makes me smile, too, knowing that he is learning of his little sister and concepts about life and death.

Such a big, beautiful, sweet boy.


  1. Sweet Pea! This is so heartbreaking....

  2. Yes, kids do imitate us and we can only hope that the things they see will be all good things. I can't imagine how hard it is to try to help him understand about Lucy, where she is and why. It is interesting he said she was here on earth, in the grass. I think she's here in spirit more than you realize. Kids are so resilient though and I can tell he thinks of her because you and your husband think of her. He won't forget his sister because you and your husband won't forget her. Yes, he is definitely your big beautiful sweet boy.


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