February Films-- A Train

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Want a fun and exciting home video? Something amazing and mind-blowing? Something steeped in entertainment? Then this isn't your film. But if you want to see a darling little boy, a little boy to whom I always tell the story:

"Mommy and Daddy were so sad when Lucy died. Then you came and helped us learn how to be happy again. Different...but happy. I love you, Peter. You are my best buddy."

Then you've come to the right place. A darling little boy. A simple little train. And a lot of love.

Thanks for sticking around and watching all my February Films. And now we rejoice in the hope of Spring.(And move on to a bit meatier blog posts.)


  1. I tell the same story to our Elliot. He's seven and has teared up a little while I thank him for coming and helping me heal. It's an exceptional job for choice spirits, I think.

  2. He's a lefty! Just too cute! Glad you're capturing these moments.

  3. Um Peter is wayyyyyy better at drawing than my kids. Rock on pete


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