February Films--The Best Medicine

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
It's been a somber week thus far. Not bad, not horrible, just somber. A high school classmate of mine passed away. My heart and thoughts turned once again to what is truly important in life.--Love, creativity, peace, relationships---not THINGS.

I was reminded of the "peace which passeth all understanding" that I felt after Lucy died. It was the stripping away of all physical forms and the blazing reality of the spiritual. There was no more ego in me, no more MIND to take over. Just spirit. A hurting, frail, broken spirit--but pure spirit. No thought of clothing, food, furniture, cars, homes, makeup, hair, body. Love in its purest form. The closest thing to an out of body experience while still being entirely alive and healthy. That is the peace which passeth all understanding. It is your soul taking over and your mortal mind--which thinks it is who you are--taking a backseat.

And that's the feeling that visited me again this week as I thought of James and his mother. His grieving, grieving mother. His mother was my favorite teacher of all time. She is the one who first ignited my passion for writing. Because of her, I became a better writer. I first understood the power of words and how they can evoke emotion because of her incredible teaching.

As I thought and hurt and prayed and felt for them this week, I also marveled at the power of my young children to live in the NOW. To be fully present. For them, the sensation and reality of their eternal spirit being in charge even though they are in a mortal body, comes effortlessly. There is no thought of the past to haunt them or the future to promise illusionary hope. Life is NOW. They are life.

So amidst the dark, cold weather and the loss of an old friend, I hear and see the laughter of my children and find hope. I see the power of NOW. I breathe deeply and love deeply and give thanks for healing and learning--- and I hope fully that the Roundy Family will feel the same someday. When the time is right for each of them in their journeys.

I hope this lifts your spirits.

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  1. She seems like the happiest or happy babies! My goodness is she precious! Her laugh is so, so sweet and infectious. You are blessed :)


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