...and then I turned 35 and posed for the camera

Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm fresh out of focus today. I'm having a birthday hangover. Too much good food, good friends, family, and spoiling. 

I was going to tell you all about the great birthday weekend I had--such as:

-Vic organizing my closet with new birthday hangers (the "no slip" kind from Costco)
-Vic getting me my favorite treat (shortbread)
-Vic giving me a new dress (pictured above)
-Vic signing up to run a half marathon with me as a birthday gift (decided on American Fork Canyon)
-Vic letting me take a nap while he cleaned the house
-Vic taking me out for dinner and letting me order 2 dishes that I wanted (one for me and one "for him")
-Vic helping me execute the birthday party I planned for myself 

But then I'd worry you would think my birthday was all about VIC with his name splattered all over this post. And we wouldn't want that to happen. 

So just to make sure things were clear, I put a few photos of the birthday girl here for you. Do I love these photos? No. Do I think I'm the bombdiggity? No. Do I feel older and more wrinkled around the eyes and 10 pounds away from my pre-baby weight? Yes. Do I want to remember what I looked like when I turned 35? I don't know... I think so. Or maybe as I age it will just make me depressed. But I do want my kids to see that I was kind of hip but not really...but I tried. (And does that even matter? Not really). 

Do I enjoy writing my own questions and answering them? Looks like it. Do I want this blog post to be random and not focused? I don't know. But I do know it was a WONDERFUL birthday and I felt/feel so incredibly loved. What a priceless gift!

More birthday outtakes: 

A little booster at the bar never hurt anyone...


  1. Yay! Birthday post! Loved this--looks like you were showered with love & adoration, as you deserved! You are smokin' hot in your new dress & your partay looks like it was a hit!

    Happy Birthday, beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday my blogger friend!!! You look fabulous. I decided that my brain is 31....my perfect age but really I am almost 61. It really doesn't matter what you look like (although you are the "bombdiggity" as you eloquently put it), your husband and children will always remember how good you where, how present you were in their lives, how much you loved and adored them, and how you made every minute of your life and their lives COUNT!! Have a good year and a good life!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful hubby you have!! You look great.. I love both dresses ~ but especially love the blue & black dress. =)

  4. So glad you were born. And I wish I was as smokin hot as you!


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