Nude Wedding--Why Didn't I Think of That?

Monday, January 7, 2013
There are so many beautiful things I want to share with you.

I want to tell you all about the 4 film makers who spent the entire weekend with us and how much we fell in love with them. I have 4 new amazing friends whom I ADORE!! It was such a great experience.

I want to tell you about my new favorite blog post written by my friend Miggy.

OH, and I have some super, SUPER, SOOOOOPER, SUPERBLY exciting news to share with you too. I'm just waiting for the right time so I don't jinx anything. It's pretty much off the charts unbelievable.

BUT... I'm a little tired tonight so I'm just going to do a quick, fun, light-hearted blog about an experience I had today. I have been laughing about it to myself non-stop. I'm still giggling right now. Oh, man. It was so good. Hahahahaha. I can't stop! LQTM to the max! (Laughing Quietly To Myself).

Some of you may have seen my facebook post about it. But I need to tell you more details. (If I can stop shaking from laughter and actually type).

Ok. To set the scene I need to give you a bit of background.

I volunteered to be a hair model for my friend (my brother's wife's brother) who works at Lunatic Fringe. (A super swanky, awesome, hip, amazing salon in Salt Lake). I've always been adventurous with my hair and will usually sit down in the chair and say, "Do whatever you want." So being a hair model has always been something I love doing. I did it at the Aveda salon in NYC when I lived there too. Free haircuts from top-notch hair cutter people? (What are they called? Magicians? I love them.) Sign me up.

So anywhooty, I walk in this morning, sit down, and this girl sitting next to me with long reddish/orangish/pinkish hair (also a hair model) says to me, right off the bat, "I'm so nervous..." (It seemed she really needed to talk to someone about her hair issues and had something she wanted to tell me.)

Oh, you'll look great with a bob (all models were getting the same cut today). 

Well...its not that. I'm just worried because I've been growing my hair out for my wedding. 

Oh. Ya. If you've been growing it out for your wedding it would be hard to see it all chopped off. 

Since I'm having a nude wedding I was really hoping to have it long to drape over my shoulders and kind of cover my chest. 

(Ummm....EXCUSE? Doth my ears deceive me? Did she just say nude wedding? And she wanted her hair as an accessory to "cover her up" at the nude wedding? I am so confused right now. I'M SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW!!)

Oh, ya. A nude wedding, (like ya do.) Mmm Hmm. Go on. (Nude wedding!!!! Mental freak out!) So, what made you come up with that idea?

Oh, its just something I've always wanted to do since I was a little girl. 

Oh, yes. (Nodding my head). Oh. (Totally. Every little girl's dream. )

It's going to be up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Guests are asked to come nude as well. You are totally welcome to come. It's going to be in the Fall. 

OH!! Thank you! That is so kind of you! So its going to be outside? (With naked people? Naked pastor or what? I just got invited to a nude wedding. BUCKET LIST! Cha-Ching! )

Ya, you can rent this outdoor area. 

Do you need to get special permission for this sort of thing? What if there are hikers walking by, etc. 

Well, I don't know. It should be fine. They rent out areas and its a private party so... (I'd say its a "private" party!)

My boyfriend's parents are kind of upset about it. I mean, he's practically already my husband but we just need to have a ceremony and make it official. 

So are they upset about the marriage itself or more the nude ceremony part?

I think mostly the ceremony part. 

(Ppsshht. In-laws. Always so hard to please).

Luckily, my hair grows pretty fast so I'm hoping by the Fall it will be long enough. 

Oh, me too. (I wouldn't want you showing too much skin. )

That's when the hair stylists returned to their stations to start on our cuts.

Well friends. I still don't know the bride-to-be's name. But I do know this: I've decided to start growing my hair out for the next nine months. I hear Cottonwood Canyon is beautiful in the Fall!

For those curious about the haircut:

Inspiration for the cut

The finished product

Below is my post and comments that have kept me giggling ALL.DAY.LONG

Hair model. Paul Mitchell/ Lunatic Fringe. Free $60 haircut. Royal treatment. Worth the early wake. Don't know how/why to do hash tags. But I do know that the girl next to me just told me she's having a nude wedding...guests included. I was honored to receive an invitation. Met her five minutes ago. Rapid fire friendship.

But in all seriousness...I was very kind to her and sincerely interested in why she is doing this and in her as a human being. She was so easy to talk to (I mean... there must have been some special friendship chemistry going on for such a quick nude invitation to take place) and I hope she has a very successful marriage.

I know many of you are photographers. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to find out her name if you have some free time in your schedule in the Fall and want to book a wedding.


  1. I don't even know what to say about this. Incredible. But I do know that we need to spend some more time together! It's been too long since our swanky dinner by the pool date. We need another catchup/heart to heart. Let's do lunch soon!

  2. Okay I think I just peed my pants, just a little bit. I would totally be a kreeper in the trees to see it happen, but I DO NOT have the body to consider going naked, but you, you should totally do it.

  3. Molly,
    This story is funny, but your telling and commentary is hilarious!!!

    I'm Justin Hackworth's sister, by the way. Hi!

  4. I wonder how they worded "please don't wear clothes to our wedding" on their invitations. I mean you know they have to address it - people always feel awkward if they come over or under dressed to a wedding. Your hair looks fabulous by the way!

  5. You Molly Jackson should be a comedian! I have read, laughed, then re read this post a bazillion times and I still laugh as hard as I did the first time I read it! I kinda really needed this today too! Its been a day where I have been more upset over things than I should have, so by reading your post I now am off to bed (still laughing) smiling and happy! (my husband thanks you) :)
    I mean honestly, you now have all us readers wanting you to go to this nude wedding just so you can tell us about it! ;)
    WOW really, I never ever dreamed that Utah would be a place for a nude wedding, some far far away island maybe but never Utah! TOO FUNNY! thanks for sharing! It really has made my entire day so much better!!

  6. Would it totally hurt your feelings if I told you that I think everyone she meets probably gets an invitation to this wedding? I imagine it ain't easy to find guests willing to attend. And, I guess there really IS someone for everyone. OMG - this is so freaking funny, I can't stand it. Thank you for befriending this person. Seriously.

  7. Just laughed so hard! Thanks for making my day!

  8. I read this blog post - then went to and saw this! Too funny!

  9. You have to go! Because I have to hear the story of the actual nude wedding. Seriously, do it!!!

  10. My husband worked with a guy that went to a nude wedding years ago...Kenny Loggins' wedding?!?

  11. My wife and I got married on a sailboat off Florida. Nude of course. We chose to do it nude as a statement of this is who I am. I hide nothing from you.

  12. I'll be your date if Vic is sick or something! I have the perfect earrings to go with THAT outfit. Love your hair.

  13. What a man Bob! You are more whole than most of us apparently. I'm with Goodson--please, please, please GO! What are you waiting for? Your hair to grow or something?

  14. Gorgeous hair! Awesome story....


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