My Babysitters Are Better Than Yours

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you come home from date night with your man (a delicious dinner at Macaroni Grill) to find a laser course down your hallway?

Do you hear about how much fun your son had maneuvering through the maze of yarn?

Do you find your dishwasher emptied, dishes cleaned, and kids clean and snug in bed?

I love my babysitters! This particular night we actually had 2 darling young women babysitting together. When trying to find a sitter, I send out a group text to all the cute girls on my babysitting list and whomever responds first gets the job. In this case, they responded one after the other and decided to tag team it and have fun hanging out at the same time. It was a win-win.

There is only one problem with having incredibly fun, smart, responsible babysitters--I can never live up to them in the eyes of my children.


(They had the cutest giggling fit in the kitchen when we came home because they knew what we would find upstairs when we went to bed. Is it wrong that I sometimes feel more comfortable with 12 and 13 year old gigglers who talk in funny voices and dance in the car while we're driving than I do with people my own age? The cat's out of the bag. I'll always be 12 at heart.)


  1. Looks like all of you had an awesome night... cha-ching!!!


  2. I must admit, I'm jealous. It is nearly impossible to find a babysitter, which is why my husband and I hardly ever get to go out. It's not the money, it's the fact that there are very few girls who do it near us and of them, they are always busy. Not to mention all the times we have sitters cancel on us last minute. I'm beginning to think maybe they just don't like my kids.

  3. Wow. AWESOME.

    Your babysitters ARE definitely better than ours.

    You've definitely landed on the babysitter jackpot! Lucky!

  4. Just the fact that you have a LIST you go down is impressive! Seems the teenagers around here are busybusybusy! We get a date night once a month when we drop them at the YMCA for parents night out. They hate parents night out as much as we love it!

  5. Mine are my in-laws and they make my kids clean their house, yours win hands down. It's nice to see you so happy!

  6. They are keepers for sure! What fun!


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