Life Outtakes

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My sister, Amy, came to Utah right after Christmas for a family wedding. Peter was in heaven with his cousins, Jack and Henry.  It appears Zoë was too. 

 Christmas morning baby. Best gift ever. 

Monkeying around.


Ham. A train-loving little ham.

More sledding.

First day of Primary at church. (Primary is the children's organization where they sing and play games and attend classes according to age group). Peter "picked" a good seat. 

My dinner with Ty Burrell/Phil Dunphey. More on this later. Love this guy!

Sweet Mark Bird and Zoë bird in the mother's lounge. Don't try to use the Mother's lounge to feed your baby's during church or Mark will roll his eyes and get a little upset. (Mark is a member of our ward/congregation and is in his 50's but is mentally about 12. He LOVES my Zoë June)

 An ill-prepared film crew sporting odds and ends of Vic's snow gear and sliding down the mountain with expensive equipment. 

Library time. 

This dude started swimming lessons! I'm not sure what to say about this photo other than that I LOVE HIM!!!!!

Playing around in the basement. Peter adores his Zoë baby. It is the sweetest thing. 

Posing in our new living room. Just kidding. Restoration Hardware. 

That's a wrap!


  1. I love the Park City snowy photos... but I love to see the photos of your darling kiddos even more.


  2. Love the living room. wish mine looked like that:)

  3. I love all the photos! so much personality in those little two! Gisel woke up early this morning and sat on my lap while I caught up on blogs. She saw the first pic of Peter and exclaimed, "That's Peter!".(boy, that's a jumble of punctuation) I had no idea she remembered!

  4. Loved the photos! Can't wait to see your movie and can't wait to hear the Ty Burrell story...I love hime too:) BTW, DARLING kiddos!

  5. Your son is a "ham." I see acting in his future!! Your daughter's smile must light up a room!! Looks like filming was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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