30 Days of Thanks #7

Friday, November 9, 2012
 {Zoë at 3 weeks}

I am thankful for every single day, week, month, year of my life that I did not have mastitis. Because....OWE! If you are feeling crummy, all you have to do is say, "At least I don't have a breast infection."

Thankful my friends, thankful.


  1. I had it once with my first. I couldn't believe how fast and hard it hit me. I was fine one minute and felt like I was dying the next. And it totally messed up my flow (both literally and figuratively). I feel you! Hope you get better quickly!!!

  2. Mastitis is of the devil, just saying

  3. That is the sickest sick you can be.

  4. Oh gosh! I am so sorry! I had mastitis while I was nursing Owen, and it was the worst I have EVER felt. Get well soon!

  5. A month after I had my first baby I got mastitis. The antibiotics didn't help. Kept getting worse ended up with an abscess they tried to drain 3 times then finally did emergency surgery and put a drain in. Worst month of my life! Needless to say baby #2 is coming in April and I am nervous. You are right any day without mastitis is a good day!

  6. Oh dear.... you said mastitis and I instantly felt the memory pains. Ouch! I had it several times... the last two with my last child. With one bout I was so ill my sister had to hold Stewart to my breast. I nursed through the pain... got well and ended the game. One of the worst things I have felt. I am glad you have a good pharmacist and that you are on the mend.



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