30 Days of Thanks #4

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today I'm thankful for people who approach me in public and tell me they read my blog.

I lost Peter at the zoo today. I started to panic--big time. I was yelling his name and running around saying, "He's wearing gray skinny jeans and a navy blue hoodie!" My heart was racing and I tried hard to stay calm. A cute brunette later approached me and said, "Did you find your son? I read your blog so I know what he looks like."

Umm...that was awesome.

And as I was leaving the zoo another cute blonde woman approached me and told me she also reads my blog. She was a fellow angel mom who lost her 5 yr. old son to cancer just a few months after Lucy. She told me there was a picture of Lucy in the PICU. She also told me Lucy is buried near many of her relatives. It was so wonderful to hug her. I got a little teary. I hadn't gone there, you know, "there" in a long time. We talked about our children and our experiences in losing them. Oh, she was so sweet and her little boy's name was/is Jackson. He had a 90% chance of surviving his cancer but things took a sharp and unexpected turn for the worse. Its amazing how quickly you can bond with someone like that. I could have honestly said, "I love you!" as we said goodbye to each other. It kind of felt good to cry and to remember the pain...just for a moment.

And that's when Peter threw a $15 gift card into the zoo fountain because he couldn't find any pennies in my diaper bag. Seriously??

I'm so thankful for blog readers who introduce themselves to me. Its a beautiful thing to connect to another beautiful human being. Thank you!

And thanks to the cute little zoo worker who helped me fish the gift card out with a large shovel.


  1. At first glance I thought they were peeing! It's great weather for the Zoo!

  2. It was so neat to get to meet you. And you are as fabulous in person as you are on your blog!


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