30 Days of Thanks #12

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm thankful I have the right to decide I don't have to do a thankful list if I'm too tired or don't feel like it. Not because I'm not thankful, but because I'm too tired and don't feel like it. 

I'm also thankful that my thankful list just gives me an excuse to not have to think of titles for my blog posts and that anything I blog about can somehow be twisted into an "I'm thankful" theme. 

The End.

I'm also thankful my breast infection has taken a hike.


  1. I'm thankful you have this darling little girl who has Lucy's smile.

  2. Isnt' it great to know you don't have to live up to anyone's expectations. As much as we all love your blog and get anxious to hear about you and your family, I hope you get rested and do what you need to do because I think the next few weeks will be busy for everyone. The picture of your sweet baby girl is plenty to get me by for now. LOL What a beautiful smile she has!!


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