30 Days of Thanks #10

Monday, November 12, 2012
My pharmacist. Her name is Sandy and I love her. She knows my voice on the phone. She knows my medical and life history. (The bullet points). She shops at my two favorite stores and I regularly run into her there. (Anthropologie and the Sundance Outlet--as if I ever buy anything at Anthropologie--but I dream).

I love that I can call the pharmacy and I immediately recognize her voice. I'm always happy to see her and talk to her. She has seen me through PPD with Lucy, PTSD with losing Lucy, anxiety, depression, breast infections, bronchitis, lung disease, cancer, shingles, lice, AIDS (just kidding on those last five. Not that any of those are funny. Crap, maybe I shouldn't have joked about that)...the whole gamut...

Sandy is kind to me and loves my kids and answers all my questions with clarity and offers helpful suggestions all the time. I loved it when I brought in a prescription that a new shrink I was trying out had written for me. She looked at me and said, "I'm not going to fill this. Sorry. This is what they give to people with schizophrenia. Who wrote this for you? You're not getting it." Needless to say I wasn't a big fan of said "therapist" and I never went back. Sandy's just cool like that.

I'm so thankful for my PHABULOUS PHARMACIST!


  1. I'm not sure why they are handing out anti-psychotics to people who are not psychotic. It has become commonplace. I know that drugs like Abilify sometimes help people with depression, but to my way of thinking it should be more of a last resort.

    The whole thing irks me. And it's troubling, too. There are many ways to go before taking a medication with so many side effects.

    Glad your pharmacist was on the ball and tipped you off!


  2. It makes life a whole lot nicer when you bond with someone like a pharmacist (or doctor or dentist) who truly cares about the individual and not just a faceless, nameless patient or customer. Good on YA!! As far as the meds, I'm with Sue - glad that your pharmacist questioned it. I had a major allergic reaction to of all things----hair dye. YIKES. I was covered head to foot with hives and worse on my head. Now---I just have to be gray and hate it but there are worse things than getting gray (or old)!! LOL Anyway, one doctor gave me a prescription of some awful med that was totally not good for someone to take and could be way habit forming. AND, it made me feel like a stoned out zombie. Anyway, I love your "thankful" lists. It is always good for everyone to remind themselves of how much we have been blessed with, in spite of how difficult life sometimes gets. Keep smiling and keep blogging. You make me laugh a lot of days when I didn't think I had a smile left in me!! Thank you!!

  3. You're so lucky; I would love to have that kind of relationship with my pharmacist! But it's Target, where I get $4 generic prescriptions, so no complaints over here :)


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