Zoë's Day

Monday, October 1, 2012

Yesterday we blessed our daughter. In Mormon lingo, that means Vic was able to hold Zoë in a circle, surrounded by other men of our family and friends, and announce her official name (Zoë June Jackson) and pronounce blessings upon her that he hopes will be fulfilled in her life. 

He told her he hoped she would treasure her name, as it means "life" and that she would remember the source of Life. He blessed her to be able to appreciate the challenges of life, that she would maintain a relationship with her sister and that her connection with Lucy would help her remember those on the other side of the veil, and many other beautiful things. 

For me, it was a wonderful day. My sister is here, my in-laws came up, our friends shared delicious food with us, and I felt at peace. The weather was perfect and with each breath I took yesterday my soul filled up with gratitude and as I exhaled my mind and body released thanks. It was healing and healthy and lovely. 

And when I get more time, I cannot wait to show you more photos of Zoë's incredible dress and tell you the story behind it. It is incredibly special. 

I will never get tired of saying THANK YOU to all the wonderful people in my life who love and support me. Family, friends, blog readers, strangers, children, acquaintances....THANK YOU. 


  1. Congratulations on Zoe's blessing. What a wonderful day it must have been. Zoe looks beautiful and your family looks very happy and peaceful. I love baby blessings....new beginnings, new life, new love. The word JOY comes to mind, too. I'm quite sure sweet Lucy was close by watching out for her family. she must be smiling very big right now.

  2. What a beautiful post! And thank you for giving the lay-man's explanation of the Mormon lingo :)

  3. I'm in tears over how happy I am to see your family (a beautiful family) together and celebrating Zoe's blessing. I also felt Lucy's presence in that picture, thought maybe I'm just being dramatic. It's just that I've always felt her presence around you in photographs. Anyway, love to all!

  4. Peter doesn't look as thrilled as the rest of you do.

    Gorgeous white dress Miss Zoë!!!


  5. awww... sweet Zoe (I can't remember how to make her e look right.) Congratulations. She is a beautiful little girl. What a cool dress too. I remember Lucy's blessing day. Wish I could have been there for Zoe's too. Love you guys.


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