The Usual Mormon Halloween Photos

Monday, October 29, 2012

Above is our friend and fellow ward-member, Mark Bird. Mark is in his 50's and lives alone, works at Whole Foods, has a slight mental disability and loves babies...and he can work magic with them too. He is such a sweetie. 

Vic's first cakewalk. He didn't know what a cakewalk was! WHAT? And he calls himself a good carnival-going, Halloween-loving Mormon Charlie Brown boy. How can this be? Cakewalks are the best. 

After leaving the church Halloween carnival, Peter proclaimed, "That was the best Halloween EVER!" I think with this being only his third Halloween, and maybe only the first one he's been entirely aware of, his statement was genuinely true.

What's even cuter than his enthusiasm for this holiday is his proclamation of, "It's Halloween...AGAIN!", every time we encounter a pumpkin or any cheesy American Halloween decor scattered around Park City. He's going to flip a lid when he gets to go trick-or-treating on Main Street and watch the doggie parade. (People in PC take their dogs very seriously. The doggie parade is absolutely hilarious).

Maybe they'll let our little World War I Flying Ace--aka Snoopy-- join in the parade this year! (Or "Red Baron" as Peter tells everyone.)

It's such a joy to see wonder and excitement in Peter's eyes at times like this. I wish Lucy were in the photo with us--she'd be Sally and I'd be Lucy. I'm doing ok, though. The dagger doesn't dig into my heart and knock the wind out of me as often anymore (which seems to happen at times like these--when we are together as a family having a wonderful time.) I don't know if its just my Zoloft making me numb, but I'm functioning and I'm happy and I'll take it.

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  1. Darling pictures.....I know what you mean about the dagger in the heart. I have many, many memories of my life with my husband so you would think it would be ok. But at times, like when my little grandson 2-year-old is dressed in his Superman halloween costume and we are carving pumpkins, I feel so sad because my Richard is missing all of this grandparent stuff. But I know it will be ok and life goes on and we find ways to make our hearts happy again. Your husband and children are so precious and dear and I know they will bring you lots of joy in the years to come. Peter is just a sweetheart and little Zoe, well, she is a deva in the making!!!


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