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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Have you ever wondered about the marvelous painting in our kitchen? I'm kind of crazy about it. And it's real art! Like, not from Bed Bath and Beyond or TJ Maxx. It's an original painting done just for us by a super famous artist--signed and hung by her in our home! Seriously? Do you see the pink tulips on the bottom right (near my shoulder)? She put those in just for Lucy.

And who is this "she" I speak of? The brilliant Josee Nadeau. You guys, she was the resident artist in Monet's Garden for 10 years. She is French-Canadian and has trained with the masters of impressionism. She is spunky and loving and kind and pretty darn famous. She came to Zoë's baby blessing last week and loved it. When she took the sacrament  (in the Mormon church it is bread and water), I saw that she just set the piece of bread on her tongue and just sat there. I leaned over and said, "You have to chew it. It's not the Catholic kind." We were laughing so hard.

So this coming weekend there is a great event at Libby Gardner Hall that I am participating in (attending, helping, donating--more on this in a later post. I don't have time to explain right now. And its something super exciting). Josee will be painting live to the Salt Lake Symphony. Please come! It will be a great date night for a wonderful cause. Josee's paintings will be auctioned off after the symphony, there will be fantastic food from my friend Justin with "By Invitation Only" and you'll get to mingle with great people. 

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  1. did I not put this together like 2 years ago? Did you know that my first job when I moved to Park City was as an "Art Consultant" at Redstone Gallery? Did you also know that I represented Josee's work? Yes, I sat at that desk staring straight at her glorious pieces for almost a year and did not put together until NOW that she is that same Josee Nadeau who did your kitchen painting. Wow. Just wow. Right?


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