Pumpkin Patch

Monday, October 15, 2012

A spontaneous visit to the Park City Nursery proved to be wildly successful last week. I love my kids so much I can't handle it sometimes. 

It's been a great couple of weeks. I've had energy and have felt positive and motivated and just....good. I'm tired today, however. And I'm trying very hard to be patient when it comes to losing my baby weight. I'm at that stage after having a baby where your hair starts to fall out. Not only that, but my hair is feeling super straight, dry, bland, and bristly. Ah, well. My husband and my kids love me. Maybe my hair will love me back someday. 

I've heard of some women whose hair goes curly during/after having kids. I'd love that! What weird things happen to you? For me, I:

-Don't get stretch marks (PTL!)
-Become crazy psycho lady of the world (its truly like I'm hooked up to an I.V. during my pregnancies and I'm getting a dosage of some intense psychotic drug every 10 minutes)
-Have heartburn o'fury
-Swear a lot
-Eat a lot
-Look awesome a lot (rhymes with NOT)

Oh, I don't know. How did I even get on this topic when I was talking about going to the pumpkin patch?


  1. I got the curly hair thing...except only in the back, and that makes it annoying.

  2. I didn't notice my hair changing much after pregnancy, but while I'm pregnant I'm a hot mess. But maybe that's just florida summer weather. I sweat like a huge pig. Sweaty pits 24/7. But since I drank so much water, I barely had any swelling. I didn't get stretch marks the first time around, but with my second, I have some....but maybe because she was over 9 pounds....

  3. For six weeks after I had my daughter I smelled really bad and grew a dark black beard. It was super awesome.

    On a much less disturbing note, the freaking adorable kids you got there + the amazingly beautiful place you live = my eyeballs thank you.

  4. My hair got wavy after I started weaning my daughter. I though I was wearing it in ponytails too much. 9 years later I've finally learned to deal with it. Wild what hormones can do!!

  5. My hair falls out in handfuls. It's so sad. I did just start to take a hair and nail multi vitamin that has a bunch of Biotin (sp?) in it that has helped SO much. I really wish someone had told me about it before I lost so much hair with 6 babies! Maybe it will help you? I actually got it at Sams Club recently.

  6. My feet grew an entire size. Had a size 8 foot, now I wear a size 9!

  7. I sweat a lot and usually want to take a shower like 3 times a day. Wtih my first pregnancy I got carpal tunnel and had one leg and foot swell, but not the other. Luckily those things didn't come back with other pregnancies.

    I have the psycho issues right after my kids are born. I just can't seem to stay with the same emotion for more than 10 minutes... I'm fun to be around, I'm sure!


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