I Think I Need to Go

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm dus goin to get some sticks for my fort, Mom!

Good job, Corbin. Just hold it steady. 

Wait, I think I need go potty. 

I be right back!

Got it. 

Don't get it on the bridge, Peter!

Ahhh....much better. 

Now back to this fort making business...

I love my little boy. He is such a joy. I can't get over how cute and funny he is. For example:

Me: Peter, its time to go in your room for quiet time. 

Peter: My room says, "No". 

I need to do better at recording all the hilarious stuff he does and says. Like when he tries to convince me that soda is good for him. We don't have soda in our house, nor do we drink it out of the house, but somehow (cough, cough, STINKY, cough, cough) Peter has learned a great love for it. "Soda is good for ME, mom, not you." 

Or the way he gets excited about "barking spiders" (toots) and acts like he doesn't know where the sound came from. 

I love this kid!

P.S. My blog is undergoing a bit of construction, as you can see. Hope to have my ducks in a row soon. Now back to cleaning my kitchen while both my kids are sleeping. Let me try that again-- WHILE BOTH MY KIDS ARE SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Your photos of Peter always crack me up. I think he and my Finn would get along famously if they ever met. Oh and I'm pretty jealous - I wish my boys would sleep at the same time! *GIANT SIGH*

  2. You're little boy sounds hilerious!! I love his excuses... me laughing out loud randomly gives me some funny looks! You're so lucky to have both kids sleeping at the same time!!


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