I Love Them

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zoë got up three times last night. She's only slept through the night a handful of times. She's almost 5 months old. It might be time to let her cry it out. I've been hesitant to do so because she is so small. But now that she's hit the 11 pound mark, I feel a little more comfortable doing it. We shall see.

What I really wanted to say is that I'm tired this morning (because of the triple waking). I had big plans of taking a nap while Peter is at pre-school and little Miss Thang is napping as well. But then I read my friend's blog and my mental state totally shifted. I started thinking about how beautiful my life is. (Not that *Kelly's is any less beautiful by any means) I stared for a long time at photos of my children....And then I made this little collage. (Which didn't turn out how I wanted it to but I don't have the time or patience to go back and fix it--but whatevs)

I love my kids. So much.

I guess that's all I had to say.

*Please note that Kelly is one of the cutest girls on the planet and I have a girl crush on her. (Yes, Kim Hirt, it is possible to have more than one girl crush. You, Emily Dunn, and Kelly are all tied). You should go see her perform in South Pacific in Orem!


  1. Great Photo!!! They all look SO much alike. You have beautiful children!!!

  2. They are beautiful....so precious. Wow, I can see why you love your life and love them. Children are our treasures for sure.

  3. I am not a parent yet but have been a nanny for 8 years. My boss (who is also on #3) is a huge believer in "12 hours by 12 weeks". All of her babies were in their nurseries on night one, monitored of course, and the youngest (who I was hired to take care of from birth) was sleeping steady through the night with no waking at all by 8 1/2 weeks! I know this set-up isn't for everyone but I always like to share. If they are cozy and safe then it is good for them to get a good full nights sleep! (good for mom & dad too!)
    I love the photos of your three at the top of this post, so sweet <3

  4. Along the same lines as Stef, I kept my babies by my bed until they were 6 weeks old. Then they went to the crib, where I let them cry it out.

    They were always full night sleepers after that, although each time they were sick (when of course I would get up with them), I would have to "retrain" them for a night or two after they got well.

    We all benefited. They were well rested, and I was a happy, un-sleep-deprived mommy.

    Of course, everyone needs to do these things their own way, but just wanted to give you some support if that is what you feel like doing. Back in my day, most of my friends did exactly the same.


    PS. My offering today is a Halloween story poem if you'd like to take a look before the 31st passes us by:

    Halloween Horror: A Ghostly Tale


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