The Sweetest Thing

Monday, September 10, 2012

Vic was reading the final blog post in my little "Love Story" series the other night. He pulled up the blog page and obviously the first thing he saw were the two photos of us from our courtship days.

I watched as he studied the photos. Just as I saw some sad emotions take surface I thought, "He's going to make a comment about how he used to have hair." But instead he sincerely said, "You are so beautiful. You used to be so happy."

"I'm still happy." I hesitantly told him.

"Looking at these pictures and the radiant woman you were...I'm just so sorry for all that you've been through." He was sniffling.

It was the sweetest thing. And it made me feel loved, recognized, and in a way, I felt he was thanking me for enduring so much and still managing to be a "decent" mother and wife. Honestly, sometimes I just give myself a pat on the back for not being an alcoholic or drug addict. Better yet, that I haven't killed myself. I've been a wreck, I've made many mistakes, but I haven't given up yet.

His comment did make me sad for the person I used to be. The person filled with hope for the future, with no idea how difficult and mentally and physically taxing our lives together would be. But at the same time, it warmed me to know my husband recognizes this and cries for the tears I've cried.

That's when Peter came in the room wanting Daddy to help him pick out his underwear...Which was also the sweetest thing.


  1. This is so beautiful! I love it! Send this post over to MMB straight away!

  2. That was very sweet. How wonderful are the days of our "innocence".

  3. You always amaze me by your strength, courage and incredible love you have for your famliy. Your love story was so good! All your posts are so good! Thanks for helping me want to be a better person.

  4. That is the sweetest thing. Also, I think you are hilarious. I love reading your posts. I love how completely honest you are.

  5. So touching -- I could see the scene unfolding and it brought tears to my eyes. What a tender, loving husband. You are surely blessed to have one another!

  6. that was the sweetest post I have read in a long time! loved it!!!

  7. It is kind of sad... but life really does change a person... I know that from the things I have experienced I have changed... I hope I haven't become to calloused. I worry way too much... have a fear of the things I have no control over. I am constantly reminded that I am in control of nothing. Hugs to you Miss Molly.


  8. I read a quote by Elder Maxwell saying that the Savior endured our pains so that He could come to know us intimately, and by us going through our pains we are coming to know Him which are just a small part of what He went through. Elder Maxwell obviously said it tons better, but it makes me feel better to think about life's hurts when you think that it has a beautiful purpose of us drawing closer to the Savior by experiencing them. And I think you rock for not being on drugs and still being alive! When I think of drug addicts I think how much life must hurt for them inside, rather than judging them like I used to do.


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