Pre to the School

Monday, September 17, 2012

Someone gets upset every single time he has to get off the bus because the stop just before ours is at Eagle's house and he wants to get off and play there. This child loves to be with anyone other than his parents. He is extremely social and I guess we aren't exciting enough for him. 


  1. awesome.
    i am so jealous that your son has a friend, its so sad sending mine to school and knowing he knows no one!
    what a cutie pants.

  2. My 18 year old is still like this. I would have to tell parents that if they want him to leave they will have to ask him to. He would stay forever if allowed! Now that he is older I tell him not to over stay his welcome. Boys are funny little nuts! Yeah for Peter & Preschool!

  3. So dang cute....I love the backpack (my son always called those pack-pack when he was little). It is almost as big as he is!! Cute that he cries cuz he can't go to his friends home. Oh, well.

  4. What a precious essay in pictures...

  5. That's such a cute picture. Peter is such a brave boy.


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