My Little Family

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I love them. 

I miss my Lucy girl. 

I keep trying. The moments of peace are worth all the trying. 

After Peter is tucked in bed and says, "I love you, Mommy. Goodnight", my heart explodes with gratitude. Even if he's put me through the ringer that entire day. 

And when he wants me to lay next to him in bed and cuddle... I turn away so he doesn't see me crying. It's so tender and wonderful and so bittersweet without Lucy cuddled in bed next to us. Always bittersweet. 

And Zoë's little laugh. It is pure joy to my soul. 

I love my little family. 


  1. the goal: joy to your soul! Your family is precious!

  2. What a precious little family it is!!! Family is the best!!!!


  3. She is beyond beautiful. No doubt, paying homage to her sister.

  4. Oh man....I have tears in my eyes right now. I love love love those pictures. The 4th one down of Zoe...that smile will melt hearts for years to come. And the two boys holding her so tenderly... so precious. My son, his wife and little boy (2 years) live with me. My little grandson will come to my bedroom to cuddle and pretend it is nite-nite or to hide from his mommy under the covers. I know that feeling...I sometimes cry because I am missing my husband because he never got the opportunity in this life to be a grandpa. When Braxton sees me with tears in my eyes, he says, "You cry?" I tell him they are happy tears. Then he says, "You OK?" I tell him I'm fine and we continue to laugh and giggle and take pictures with my phone. Life can certainly throw us for a loop. The missing for you must be very hard and I can see how being with your children yet missing your daughter can be bittersweet. She knows about them and her parents and probably misses you too. I'm sure in the knowledge that somehow, someday everything will be ok and on that most perfect day, we will be together with those we love, forever!! You inspire me and make me laugh and cry. I admire your zest for life. You seem to make the very best of the life you have been given. Have a very happy beautiful Fall day!!!

  5. I'm sorry your Lucy is always missing. It makes no sense and is so hard. Your family is beautiful

  6. I love the pics and Zoe's little "angel kiss" on her forhead is from her big sister Lucy!
    Grief is so hard when half our soul left and went to the other side yet we still have so much love here. Hang in there!

  7. Nguh! it makes my heart - literally - hurt.


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