I'll Tell You What's Amazing

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is what is amazing:

A group of 10 girls, ages 12-14, at my house, baking delicious cupcakes with real chocolate cream cheese frosting (think Magnolia Bakery), wearing my aprons, chatting, listening to music, dancing, laughing,lifting my spirits, and making cards for a man in our ward who just had a stroke. (His wife team teaches with me and is a blonde Fran Drescher. I love her. Vic was actually with him during the whole stroke episode...that is another blog post entirely).

I get to teach these girls at church each Sunday. They are amazing. They love my children and I can call any one of them to babysit for me! CAN YOU HANDLE THAT AMAZING THOUGHT? It blows my mind. Especially since I can just text them in a jiffy...even better.

They are a diverse group of girls with different talents, hobbies, interests, and they are incredibly smart. They want to do good. They want to be good. I hope I am somehow helping them to find happiness and their individual purposes in life.

The cute blonde on the far right is me. No, really. She is my personality twin. Vic often tells her, "Hallie, when you get engaged, have your fiance come talk to me so I can tell him what it's like to be married to you."

This cute gal (the bigger of the two) is a singer extraordinaire. No, really. She's amazing. I used to have the privilege of being her voice teacher. She's now moved on to bigger and better things than me. She was so patient with me during our lessons after Lucy died. We were working on the songs, "Candle on the Water" and "Think of Me"... Umm...I was a mess and would cry during each lesson at her angelic voice. 

These cuties just moved to Park City -- for which I am very grateful. If it weren't for them, I'd be the shortest in the class. See below for visual aid:

The tall beauty on the far right (Blythe) is the cupcake master. Her grandmother's cupcakes are famous (don't get me started on the salted caramel). She made the frosting before coming to my house and showed us the ways of the gourmet cupcake world. 



Peter just saw me composing this post and said, "These are MY girls!" Be still my heart.


How lucky am I to get to hang out with and learn from these darlings?


  1. The ARE absolutely daring (and so is your Peter)!! You are right....good sweet kids can bring such light and joy to us adults. They are so lucky to have your as a teacher and a role model. They will be mothers some day and you will teach them things their own mothers won't be able to because you have a perspective that most of us don't. I admire you very much and can only imagine what a great time you had with Peter's "girls"!!

  2. Ok, I had to look really hard to find you in that picture with all the girls! You could be TWELVE. (glad you're not considering you've had 3 kids though... hahaha...)

    What darling girls. They are lucky to have you as their leader too.

  3. It looks lovely and I'm moved and sooooo happy for you to have great times to enjoy!!

  4. Ohhh... crazy to me how those girls are grown up. When we lived up there they were just little tiny primary girls. Sigh... looks like so much fun!


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