Adventures with {New} Friends

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I was super excited to go on a date with the hubs to one of Justin's famous dinners last weekend. It was held at the home of the woman who founded NuSkin and it was insane. The waterfalls! The setting, the trails, the horse barn, the pool... it was phenomenal.  And don't get me started on the food. Or maybe you should....

But to our great dismay, Victor was cming down with a cold. I invited Rachael but she had some lame mom excuse like, "I have to return my double stroller to the store." Next up was the Amy Hackworth, but she was going to the Rooftop Concert (I guess her husband had to photograph it or something boring along those lines--come on people!) I tried my friend Anna Evensen who I miss like crazy, but girlfriend didn't get back to me. (I'm secretly hoping she reads this so she will feel guilty). 

That's when I got the idea to invite a new friend--Michelle Blake. This is the quick story: Vic and I saw 9 to 5 at the Hale Center Theatre a few weeks ago. You guys, it is SO SO SO SO good. I was dying at its goodness. As luck would have it, Michelle was sitting next to me. We recognized each other from the performing world (we have a million mutual friends but have never actually done a show together) and we struck up a conversation like we were old pals. She wasn't even planning on going that night but got a last minute free ticket. We weren't planning on going that night either but the stars aligned and we pulled it together last minute as well. (As per usual.) 

Cutting to the chase--I may have started leaking breast milk. We may have gone to the box office together to ask our friends if they had pads of any kind. I may have texted my friends in the cast backstage asking for pads. (All Alan could come up with was a tampon...not QUITE what I was going for). We may have used some supplies from the first aid kit. 

But I know for sure that we bonded. 

So I didn't even have her phone number (luckily we became fast facebook friends after the "milk incident") but she happened to be online at 5 p.m. when I was searching for her contact info. Her husband happened to say "Yes, go ahead and have some fun." I happened to have a blouse my sister loaned me from my last trip to St. Louis, I happened to be able to barely squeeze into my black pencil skirt, and we happened to meet a few other fun gals that night while we dined in an amazing setting, ate amazing food, met great people, and bonded a bit more. This time there was no milk spillage involved. 

Yay for new friends and last minute adventures!


  1. I was thrilled to join you! What an adventure! And another bonding night of conversation for sure. Did you see the great photo of just the two of us on Carrie's website? Justin posted a link to it last night. Let's get together again soon?

  2. I was thrilled to join you! What an adventure! And another night of bonding conversation for sure! Did you see the great photo of us on Carrie's website? Justin posted a link to it last night. Let's get together again soon?

  3. OMG - you just crack me up so much!!! AND, you didn't just have a baby not so long ago....honestly, you look FABULOUS!! I love the blouse, the pencil skirt and the shoes....well, those are to envy but I hear we're not suppose to do that!! It looks like a wonderful time and a nice night out.

  4. You look AMAZING..Zoe and Peter are beautiful... What a wonderful mother and wife you are!


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