Accidental Genius--A Poem

Thursday, September 6, 2012

It was late Sunday Eve when my tummy did rumble.

"I need chocolate! " it said. But I knew there was trouble.

Not a speck or a morsel of sweets could be found

I circled the kitchen around and around

"Ox in the Mire!" I screamed in distraught

I'm in chocolate withdrawl! Now there's food for thought.

Then Peter's ears perked with the promise of sweets

"I find chocolate, Mom!" then the patter of feets

He climbed on the counters he looked in the drawers

His keen chocolate senses had him down on all fours

And then with a shout full of wonder and glee

He produced a large box of baking chocolate, "See?"

Oh, son, that's not chocolate, it has to be baked

And mixed with ingredients for heavens' sake

I'm too lazy for baking and being so fancy

I want chocolate now and I'm getting antsy!

But oh, what to do, when your taste buds are screaming

I'll just get creative, and stop all this dreaming

I have butter and sugar and this baking chocolate

YES! An idea! I know I can rock it

A google search lead to this GREAT RECIPE

Then I mixed and I melted and beat -- happy me

Peter did help and 4 raw eggs later

I had ooey and gooey rich filling--nothing greater!

With no pie crust on hand, no graham crackers either

Why not Tollhouse Crackers? Phew! Take a breather

I smooshed and I smashed and added more butter

And then it was time to putter

Fill in that pie pan and get me a fork!

I'm ready to eat this puppy--and no, it ain't pork.

It's rich and its fat and its smooth and its dreamy

So addicting, delicious, and insanely dreamy

4 raw eggs, some butter and sugar

And a box of baking chocolate--discovered by "Booger".

(In all seriousness, this french silk pie was so good it deserved its own poem. You might be wondering why there are three candles in it. One of Peter's favorite games to play is "Happy Birthday". He wants to put candles on his toast, his muffins, his cookies, and sing to himself. Needless to say, we've run out of birthday candles). 


  1. Ha! LOVE it! Miss you Molly. You always make me laugh!

  2. :) that was so cute Molly. Reminds me of my mom. She can make a poem out of any situation. Love it!

  3. LOVE THIS!!!! Thanks for the recipe and the poem:)

  4. That looks awesome!! Definitely going to put it on the list soon. Thank goodness because at first I thought that photo was pumpkin pie, and I thought, what type of weirdos are Park City-ites that they eat pumpkin pie in September? Now that I know it was chocolate the Jacksons and Feras can still be friends. Phew.

  5. Ha ha, I love it! So clever:)

  6. I've made that recipe before and it was fantastic! Now I want to try it with a cracker crust, sounds good! Kind of fun getting creative with what you have on sundays :)


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