Our Love Story--Part 3

Thursday, August 30, 2012

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So as I was saying weeks ago, I was too tired to get out of bed and onto my knees to pray. That's when I had a great idea. I remembered a book from my days as a missionary in Peoria, Illinois. It was titled, "Calling on the Powers of Heaven" and it essentially said that you can negotiate with God. You promise Him you'll do something, and in exchange you want Him to do something for you.  I have mixed feelings about this whole concept, but I was willing to give it a try...Because I was so taken with Vic Jackson. So here's what I said after rolling onto the floor and onto my knees:

"Heavenly Father, I promise that no matter how tired I am, I will pray to you ON MY KNEES every night if you will give me Vic Jackson. PLEASE, please, please."

And that was it. I knelt beside my bed every night and uttered sincere thanks for a man like Vic in my life, listing all the qualities he possessed that I had always wanted. I begged the Lord to "give me Vic Jackson." (As if we can own another person. But He knew what I meant).

Two days later we had our first kiss in my apartment (after watching the movie "Serendipity."--With Miss Tracey sleeping on the floor under our feet). The only reason this kiss was possible was because ANOTHER girl he wanted to take out that night canceled on him, so he called me as a last ditch effort to see what I was up to. What kills me though, and what I will never cease to tease him about, is that he was going to take her (Jen) to swim in the ocean. He figured it went so well with me he might as well try it out on someone else. The nerve! I'm thankful to her (Jen Volz) for canceling that night!

Vic took the California Bar exam shortly after that first kiss and I was pretty sure I'd moved my way up to the top of his "list". The exam was three days long and I held my breath for him to call once he was back in L.A. I was walking to the Walgreens on Santa Monica and Beverly Glen when I got his call--elation!

The rest is kind of a blur. Somewhere in there we became exclusive. Somehow we started talking about marriage. I met his family, he met mine. It was happening. Crazy, I tell you.

For Christmas that year (2003) I got him a great silver Kenneth Cole watch. I was so nervous to give it to him. I showed it to Tim Butler and asked his opinion on it. With complete enthusiasm I said, "He's going to wear this on our wedding day." We weren't engaged yet and part of me was joking...but not really.

Three months later, on March 10--Vic took me to the same beach where we had our first swim. Why March 10th? It was a full moon. When he knelt down and asked me to marry him I couldn't believe it. No, really. I said, "SHUT UP! Put that ring away! Are you serious? STOP. STOP! For real?" I pushed him away and threw sand on him. What? I don't know why I reacted that way. It was just too much for me to process!

"Ummm....so will you marry me?"

"...ya... I think so....YES!"

That's when Jessica Bean popped out from the lifeguard station and snapped some photos (at the request of my father).

We were married 2 1/2 months later and Tim Butler gave the toast at our wedding luncheon. That's when he told the story of the watch I had given to Vic for Christmas. Everyone turned to see if Vic was wearing it, including me, and that's when Vic smiled, hearing this story for the first time, and raised his wrist in the air with the silver watch for all to see. That's also the night I started praying lazily again in my bed instead of on my knees.


  1. What a precious story. Loved every bit of it!!!

  2. This gives me hope! Great idea about praying, I'm starting that right now. But seriously, I'm in my office about to pray on the knees. Love this story!!

  3. LOVE THIS!! Vic you get a pass on repeating the swim date so long as it doesn't happen again! :) Molly my excuse for praying in bed is Psalm 63:6. Love you guys from Sacramento! M.

  4. Thanks for sharing, what a wonderful story to pass on to your children! We can do hard things, like praying on our knees!

  5. I laughed out loud at the last line...hahaha! You're perfect!

  6. Some things are simply meant to happen. Your love story is so cute, interesting, and wonderful. I like how you "just knew" that you and Vic would be married. I'm glad he wore the watch at your wedding. I wish you many many years of wedded bliss.


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