Kill Me Road

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We live right off a road named Kilby. Kilby Rd. Don't start stalking me like my friend Janeese--who showed up on my doorstep with no notice after driving from Idaho with her 4 kids and found my house without having an address because "she deduced where I live from the photos on my blog." Love you, Jan! Do it again anytime!!

So as I was saying--Kilby Road. It feeds straight to the outlet mall, the Wal-Mart (ugh...please bless it will magically turn into a Target), the library, our church building, TJ Maxx, and the other main road in Park City (SR 224). And its not that long of a stretch of road.

Here's what I'm trying to say--my whole life consists of Kilby Road. And being in my house. And I get so sick of it. Sometimes I just want lights, camera, and action! More people. More smells. More shops. As much as I love Park City, I can feel so isolated here. I crave living in Boston like a mad woman. Or St. Louis. Or London. Somewhere I can walk out my door and onto a street full of restaurants and people and music. I like walking cities where I can feel connected to humanity.

In Park City, I feel connected to nature. And that's WONDERFUL! I also know I am in a season of life where I am a slave to schedules, routine, poop, whiny children, messes, pre-school, and so on. So no matter where I lived my social life and activities would be limited.

BUT--when your entire fueling system comes from being around other people, its hard to spend so much time "alone".

My obituary will probably read that I spent many years and miles of my life on Kilby Road. (Sadly, this is also the road where Lucy's spirit left her body and I drive by the spot every day).

I have now affectionately started calling it "Kill Me" road. (NOT referring at all to what happened with Lucy's accident, but with my mental state).

Do you find yourself driving the same roads over and over again in your life? Literally and figuratively?


  1. Finally, someone who understands! I get tired of almost every place I've lived. Bored silly! In my mind I can see it as new and exciting, thinking back to when I first arrived there. Then, same mental picture, but two years later and I can't wait to get away! Crazy! Only place I never got tired of was Sarasota, FL. I'd move back today!

  2. I have lived on the same road my entire life. My children play in the backyard I played in as a child. My son sleeps in my old bedroom. My first kiss was right around the corner of my house, I pass it often :)
    One day I will move, likely sooner than later, when my husbands job takes us on a new adventure.
    I often worry about that day.
    How refreshing change will be! To go somewhere else, to experience something else, to see anything else when I look out the window or drive to the store or go on a walk.
    But at the same time, how will I handle leaving all I have ever known? A neighborhood that I know as well as the back of my hand. Neighbors that were there when I was born and watched me grow to have my own children.
    I've always felt that life leaves little imprints on places, especially important ones. A little remnant of yourself, always there.
    I'm sure if and when you move from Kilby Rd, you will be happy for change, but a part of you will always be there, in so many ways.
    So really, Kilby isn't as much a part of your life as you will remain a part of it long after you've left.

  3. I am still contemplating your post... but did you take that photo???? I am totally into photos and that one is awesome. I will keep thinking about your post.


    1. Sheila....I did not. I should have included the link to where I stole it from. Whoops. Bad internet etiquitte on my part . (And bad spelling)

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  5. There are two parkways gradually sucking the life out of me. I miss my walkable neighborhood. I am not cut out for suburbia! Oh but I do give thanks for Target...

  6. I live on an island. Save me!!! ;-)~ I actually don't get Rock Fever like a lot of people do, but same ol stuff every day? Ha.

  7. My life is Irving Blvd. It is one of 2 roads out of my neighborhood. They are the only way to get ANYWHERE I need to go. (the second one is equally annoying.) I drive up and down Irving about 10 times a day. I remember feeling the same way in Boston. You just go up and down the same road because life, especially with kids, is groundhog day. It's just the way it is. It's a video tape you just stick in the machine every morning and watch it. I hear ya. But, you'll miss Kilby Rd. if you ever leave it.

  8. I was actually thinking of doing a post on this very thing. What you wrote is totally what I have been feeling. I don't know maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have an 8 month old, 2 year old and a 4 year old all at home right now. Or maybe the fact that my 2 older kids started school on Kamber's death date this year, or that we just celebrated 4 years since her passing and that my birthday is on Monday and I'm another year older. Or just the fact that we are in the raising little kids stage. Deep breath, our turn will come.:)! Hang in there, Love Ya!


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