I Couldn't Help Myself

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welp. So much for my blog fast. I just had to share the cuteness! Zoë had her 2 month check-up today. She's a tiny little squirt. She's just over ten weeks old and is 9 lbs 3 ounces and cuter than any button you've ever seen.

Weight :10th percentile
Height: 40th percentile (22 and 1/4 inches. I was 22 inches when I was born if you can believe it! Haven't grown much since.)
Head: Don't remember the size but 25th percentile

She's had a few nights where she has slept 8.5 hours straight. P to the T to the L!!!! (Praise to the Lord)

And how are we? We're trying to be positive. We're trying to get out of the negative mind ruts we've been in for a while. I'm calling it "The Positive Project" and I'm focusing on all the good in my life, encouraging my husband, being positive in my thoughts and words and waiting to see the magical happiness that unfolds. Like a surprise party at Disneyland with an 8 layer chocolate cake covered in rainbow sprinkles with fireworks and Matt Damon on top. I have faith. (Ok, really I'm just hoping for decent sleep, health, balance in my life, financial security, and help from on high as a mother...sprinkled with a few dreams).

And of course, we're adoring little Zoe and laughing at Peter. Ah dear now, he's a real whippersnapper hooligan hey day of a little man. His latest? "No, YOU clean up. I watch you. Pick up that marker."

I'll be sharing more of our love story next week. Don't forget to enter my Butt Paste giveaway ($100 Visa Gift Card).

P.S. She's wearing the same bow Lucy wore the day of her choking accident. We've had it, along with most of Lucy's other bows, framed in a glass shadowbox of sorts on our wall for a few years. Yes, it's large and in charge and squooshed a little flat. But hey, I hear the 80's are back, so big bows are in.


  1. An absolute angel baby. Enjoy~!!

  2. Miss Zoe... you are too cute! I am glad your Mommy broke her blog fast to bring us these darling photos!


  3. You need to just keep blogging! I feel so up lifted after reading your posts.
    And it brought tears to my eyes that her bow is her big sisters, and also the one that sweet Lucy last wore. What three beautiful kids you have! You really are BLESSED :) Zoe's smile melts my heart!

  4. Reading this brightened my day! Thank you :)

  5. So so fun! The smaller the baby, the bigger the bow! Love seeing that happy face!

  6. I was not sure if at first glance if that was a picture of Lucy or Zoe. She is soo precious. You are blessed!

  7. Well, how could you help yourself?! She's so adorable, Molly. You and Vic have some seriously cute kids!

    I noticed that Zoe was sitting in a bumbo seat in the first picture, and wondered if you'd seen the recall on them earlier this week? You don't have to trash the seat, but Bumbo will send you a restraint kit to add to the bumbo seat. I had to get online and do it yesterday. Here's the link if you need it - http://www.recall.bumbousa.com/determine.php

  8. What a cutie.....her mama's mini-me!! Yes it is good to try to look on the bright side and count blessings. The glass is always half full when I am rested and not exhausted. Sounds like you have a busy life but a beautiful life. Your Peter reminds me of my son. When he was 3 years old he told me one day "You are NOT the boss of me!!!" Oh man....it still holds true all these years later. Stubborn, headstrong, confident, handsome, knows it, knows it all, but sweet and caring (most of the time) and now he is a great father to his own son. Enjoy your children!!!

  9. She is just all kinds of adorable. That smile! Her eyes' remind me of Lucy's. So so beautiful.

  10. Good luck with the positive project, I find that to be difficult myself sometimes.

    Zoe is so adorable :)


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