Yes, My Son is THAT Cool

Monday, July 2, 2012

We went on a long and heated hike Saturday with Wes and Rachael. Aaaand....I may have overdone it. A few words for you:


Did I mention it was hot? Like over 80 degrees. We've actually turned our A/C on once this summer already. In June! I know, right? 

But Peter? Seriously. Look at him. He didn't trail run the entire thing... (How far was it Rach? 3 or 4 miles?) but enough that he took a 3 + hour nap when we got home. (As did the Vic meister....and Miss Zoe. Did I? Don't ask or I'll punch you in the face).

And here are some outtakes from Rachael's camera of what she aptly named our "overly ambitious hike"

Can you handle the rolls? Liam is one of Peter's besties....and his mom was recently relieved (literally and figuratively?) when she discovered she could order SIZE 7 Pampers from Amazon and that "little Liam" won't have to wear adult Depends. I. AM. SERIOUS. (Liam is 6 months younger than Peter and about 6 years ahead of him in the verbal department). 


  1. Nothing....I repeat..Nothing is cuter than a chubby dirty little boy. This picture needs to be in a frame on his mommy's wall. I love it!

  2. Be careful Miss Molly... what a trooper you are. I love that you are feisty enough to attempt it. Go Jackson family. Mister Peter... WOW!


  3. It always takes me aback a little when I see friends from different parts of my life crossing paths and being friends. It's so crazy that you and Wes know each other!

  4. Oh that cracked me up about the adult depends as I recall back in the day when my son was 3 1/2. I thought geez, he's going to go to kindergarten in adult depends, his binkie in his mouth, and carrying his blue slinky blanket (which he still has after 25 years). But alas, they do all grow up eventually and lose the diapers, the binkie, and the blanket (maybe). My son now has a 2-year old son of his own and yes, we are back to big diapers (no depends yet), blinkie and blue furry blanket. Oh well. That is what life is about: change, growth, challenges, joy, family, love....

  5. What a champ! Love that picture. You also look great, by the way! We took the boys on their first hike this last Saturday, and it was great - Finn walked almost the entire way. If you haven't been to Cecret Lake, you should do it. It's great and the lake at the end of the hike is a great surprise/reward for the littles... and the adults :)


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