Our Love Story Part 2

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So where was I?

Oh yes, we pulled into the church parking lot around 10 pm to deliver the goods to two unsuspecting gentlemen and my heart was thumping like crazy. This surprised me because I had only met Vic once and had a vague memory of exactly how he looked. Why was I so nervous?

Sadly, all the doors to the church building were locked. Tracey, my fun and hilarious friend, started knocking on the window to the room where the boys were studying. Tim Butler (Vic's study partner and friend), opened the door for us and we somewhat awkwardly made our way down the hall to meet up with Vic and hand them the cookies.

We said our hellos and sat down at the table with them. I was directly across from Vic and remember clearly thinking, "He's way cuter than I remember. I like him. That's it. I just decided--I like him. I want to go out with him."

As luck would have it, they were just finishing their studying for the day (it was close to 10 pm) and we all walked out to the parking lot together. Just then, cute Heather Smith pulled up to deliver cookies! I kid you not.  I don't remember exactly what happened, but there was a bit of awkward energy going on while she and Vic talked, but eventually she left and I had him all to myself again. (Vic asked if I was going to include this detail about Heather. I guess he really wants it to seem like he had a slew of women after him).

This is when Vic asked if Tracey and I would like to go for a ride in his Jeep. This is also when I found a moment when the boys weren't watching and made the sign to Tracey that said, "You can't come, I want to be alone with him." I am such a good friend! So rude! I promise she laughed and I didn't hurt her feelings.

So she politely declined and Vic and I drove away on the beautiful July night together. We ended up driving down the Pacific Coast Highway toward Malibu. As we rumbled down the PCH, the wind blowing through our hair, we chatted (loudly) about our families and got to know each other a bit. Vic told me he is the oldest of 7, grew up in a small town in Northern California called Calusa then moved to Mesa as a teen. I could tell he was close with his family and had a lot of love for them. It made me feel a lot of love for him.

We decided to park and walk down to the water. The moon was full and we could feel a warm current as we waded in the ocean. Suddenly, and Vic will debate this and say it was my idea, Vic said he had the urge to jump in the ocean and swim. "Go for it!" I said. He pulled off his shirt, kicked off his flip-flops, rolled up his jeans and jumped in.

Never one to be left out of a good time, I took off my top and shoes and jumped in in my bra (it was black and "modest", not white and lacy or anything) and shorts and we swam and laughed and splashed together with the Santa Monica Pier in the distance, the carousel spinning around, the cliffs behind us lined with palm trees, and the mountains in the distance darkly illuminated by the full moon.

It was magical. It really was.

He wrapped his legs around me and pulled me under the water a few times. Is he flirting? I think he's flirting.

I felt like I was in a movie. I could practically hear the music swelling in the background as we giggled and a few spectators gathered to watch the crazies swimming in the dark. That's when the camera would sweep in and film a circle around us and the credits would roll--but wait, this is just the beginning of the movie. How did we make it to this point in 25 minutes? It was pure fun and joy and wonderment.

Eventually, we got out of the warm water, gathered our clothes, and made our way back to his Jeep where some towels were waiting (going to law school at Pepperdine in Malibu will cause you to carry swim suits and wet suits and towels and surfboards in your Jeep at all times...in case of an "emergency". )

To shorten this long story, by the time we arrived at my house I was wearing my dry shirt, a towel around my waist (nothing underneath) and Vic's hat.  No, nothing happened Mom. I just needed to dry off.

He walked me to the gate of my apartment and we hugged (as I held tightly onto my towel with one hand) and talked about hanging out again soon. I was on cloud nine. I had just gone swimming in the ocean with a super cute, handsome, smart, kind, older, educated, bi-lingual, well-traveled, good, strong man!

I burst into Jessica's room and yelled, "I just went swimming naked in the ocean with Vic Jackson! I love him! I want to marry him!" (I added the naked bit for dramatic effect) She said something like, "I told you he was awesome." and was kind to me even though I think I woke her up. I couldn't contain my excitement!

As I lay in bed minutes later, I re-played the night over and over as I smiled to myself in the dark. Vic Jackson, Vic Jackson, Vic Jackson. I was too exhausted to get out of bed and onto my knees to say my prayers, so I just laid there and started talking to God about how much I liked this boy--but then I had an idea. I rolled out of bed onto my knees because I was going to make a bargain with God so I could have this boy in my life forever.

This is what I said...


p.s. I'm so extremely sleep deprived and exhausted that I fear this is poorly written and I hope it makes sense. Newborns and 3 year olds are intense beyond belief.


  1. Not poorly written...exquisitely written. Write a book.

  2. Not worried about your writing technique just enjoying the story. *Ü* How fun!!!!


  3. ps. Oh by the way I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Don't feel obligated to do anything... just know that I love your blog.


  4. I can picture THAT beach movie in my head....don't laugh but I pictured you and Vic as "Sandy" and "Danny" in the opening scenes in the movie "GREASE." What a great love story you have and I'm sure everyone is looking forward to the rest of the story.

  5. This image immedciately came to mind...


  6. scandelously wonderful. keep em comin'

  7. You have me on the edge of my seat! You SHOULD write a book!

  8. OH MY GOSH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!

  9. Honestly, you lost me at the black bra part. Molly, how did I ever raise a child like you? Well, maybe you just raised yourself. Oh my!!

  10. Loving this story! Can't wait for the rest...you SHOULD write a book!


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