Kids Are Cute For a Reason

Friday, July 13, 2012

....And that reason is called self preservation. They are so much blasted work they are genetically designed to be cute as buttons as their defense mechanism against overly-tired, insane parents.

Kind of like Park City tries to redeem itself after horrific winters by giving us the best summers on the planet.

In those moments when Peter lays his sweetness on thick as cream, all tantrums are forgotten. When he is soft and gentle with his itty bitty sister and squeals, "IT'S AWAKE!" every time she stirs, all is forgiven. When I see Zoe light up at the sound of his voice, I decide to not ground her for 3 months straight when she is 16 for keeping me awake at night.

Just when I feel all hope is lost and its time to check myself into a mental institution (complete with clean sheets and food service), my children do something with their adorableness that convinces me to stay in this madness for one more day, no matter how ragged they have run me.

Their cuteness is Kid Camouflage.


  1. I agree, we are foster and adoptive parents, and our children that came into our home at or over the age of 5 we don't have those "cute" memories of them as babies and toddlers. The oldest three are now teenagers and not having filled the "cute bank" while they were little it is sometimes hard to bite my tounge and let them get away with something. Were as our 7 year old who was 6 months when she came to live with us, I know I will think back to when she was cute and little and she will probably get away with more, and no she is not the baby, there are two more little ones, and we have had both of them as newborns, so I am sure they will get away with murder.

  2. Amen! Today Finn tried to "wash" Owen's head, hair, face, ears, and clothes with almost an entire container of vaseline that he climbed up to and swiped in the nursery. I was so irritated but it was so dang cute all at once. If you ever need to know how to get vaseline out of hair... olive oil and then Dawn dish soap. Just in case. I love Zoe's big smile in that 2nd picture and all of Peter's tattoos. Boys are so fun!

  3. I thought this the whole first three months of Maxies life! God made babies cute for a reason! Also, where is this mental facility of which you speak? I say all of the time that I need one that isn't institutional. I want one where they have yoga and a masseuse. I guess clean sheets is also a good start...

  4. I love YOUR description...

    'cuteness is kid camouflage'

    they are a whole lot of work.


  5. Kid camo...soo funny! Sooo true!

  6. Adorable bath shot.
    It's so cute how Peter takes pictures of his baby sister.

  7. Yeah it is~ Your kiddos are adorable!

  8. I used to "glue" little bows on Malia's head with Caro Syrup... even at night, to match her jammies. It was the only way to enhance her cuteness just enough in the middle of the night with all of her colicky wakings to keep me from wanting to punt her.

  9. I tell Liam and Aiden all the time that they are lucky they are so cute because otherwise, I would have probably eaten them by now.


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