This Pregnancy and Birth Brought to You by Zoloft

Thursday, June 14, 2012

(Zoe on the light bed at the hospital. All three of my kids have had high bilirubin (sp?) levels and were little glow worms the first few days of their lives. But none of them got to wear cool shades like this). 

I swear...

Starting Zoloft during this pregnancy has made all the difference in the world!

Now, we know my history of blogging about something and then the opposite happening. So I'm just going to acknowledge the curse right now to keep it from happening. In this case, the "it" being postpartum depression o'fury. 

PTL (Praise the Lord) for modern medicine!

Let's be honest... we should've named her--


*Birth Story coming soon
*Also, don't forget to enter my design giveaway and see Zoe's Nursery. I failed to mention a date cut-off for the giveaway. I will pick a wiener this coming Monday, June 18th. 


  1. My choice was Cymbalta!!!! Oh what a differnce. I agree with you 100%
    PTL for modern Medicine!!! Congratulations on the Beautiful addition to your family. What a treasure she is!! I LOVE the pictures of her and Peter at the Hospital. PRICELESS!!!

  2. You are hilarious! I only wish I didn't suffer for 6 months post partum before discovering the beauty of modern medicine! I hope the curse is broken with sweet Zoe! All your kiddos are beautiful. Congratulations to you for surviiving an experience that I feel is akin to being an elephant!

  3. I love that YOU have such great sense of humor. It makes me want to try Zoloft... but I am already on Prozac.


  4. I do Paxil. I guess we all have our favorites. What a doll baby you have. I wholeheartedly approve of the name change. Seems appropriate. I'll get out my anti-postpartum depression doll and starting sticking in some pins on your behalf. Love to this precious family of 5!!!

  5. Yay, Molly! Modern pharmaceuticals can certainly help us be the mothers we are meant to be. I was Godzilla mom for seven months after Max was born until I visited the doc about it. Zoloft to the rescue. Thank goodness for Zoloft. Best wishes for your post-birth recovery!

  6. I am due in a week and went off cymbalta for the pregnancy- can you nurse and be on antidepressants at the same time?

  7. Felicia- I nursed my twins while on a generic form of Zoloft.

  8. Zoe loft. That is hilarious.

    I had the same experience with my fourth. (first pregnancy on meds) Never got a single day of post-par-tum. Yeah. I hope it will stay that way for you too. It is so nice to truly enjoy your baby.


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