Hike it a Little Higher

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I had my first hike of the season with Zoe Friday while Peter was at preschool. Oh, it was heavenly! I wrapped her up in the Moby and we were good to go. 

It felt so great to sweat a little and move my body while in nature. It was exhilarating. I'm just glad I didn't run into the bull moose while on the trail. He showed up in our backyard the next morning instead. I thought I had my backyard fears put at rest when the pond dried up, but I forgot I have to worry about the wildlife. 

Do I really have to wait 6 weeks until I can start running again?


  1. That is the tough part about waiting to recover after having a baby. The smart thing to do is wait... it's just so hard. The more you feel like yourself again... the more you wonder? what am I waiting for?

    Love the moose... the photo. I wouldn't want to run into him face to face.


  2. Hi Molly. I happened across Lucy's memorial on Find A Grave this afternoon. Her little face took my breath away and I just had to sponsor her memorial. I count it such an honor to have done so. Then I found you here because of course I wanted to know what had happened, not out of morbid curiosity at all but because I felt compelled to pray for you with wisdom and purpose. Congratulations and God be praised on the birth of your darling little Zoe. I admire the work you are doing with Good Grief. Just wanted to drop by and say hello.

  3. I don't know if that was a rhetorical question but, my ob told me if I felt well enough I could do anything I felt like doing. She also said if I didn't feel well enough at 6 weeks that was fine too and that it wasn't some magic number (unless you've had a c-section or a traumatic birth, then it is much more important to have time to heal).

  4. I think hiking is a great start, push yourself a little and see how you feel. My doc said if I started bleeding again or had any pain then I had to stop the activity until 6 weeks.

  5. I feel the exact same way! I want to start running again and people keep telling me its only been 2 weeks! So if you hear its okay, let me know!!



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