A Few Wieners

Friday, June 1, 2012

The first wiener I'd like to mention is the wiener of my Hale Centre Theatre Giveaway--Random.Org chose #13, which is RYAN AND MEGAN who said:

Blogger Ryan and Megan said...
I would love to go see tarzan with my little girl, GNO!!!!

The second wiener is of my Darphin Skin Care Luxury Line Giveaway. Blogher chose a random winner so you can't point fingers at me...it was my sis-in-law Kristyn Jackson, who just had a baby. I promise there was no nepotism involved. YAY Kristyn. Maybe it will help you feel human after having a babe.

At "Day out with Thomas" in Heber City. 

With cousins in Grandpa's hot tub Memorial Weekend.

Playing with Grandma's phone. 

Feeling under the weather but loving his Legos. 

Pretending to be a customer and "paying" for his cookie. So cute. 

The third wiener I'd like to talk about is my son, Peter. He seems to have grown up in the last week or two. His behavior has jumped leaps and bounds and his cuteness is beyond anything I could ever measure. If you know of a quantum physicist who is looking for an out of this world thesis project to work on, you could send him over to study Peter's cuteness. The problem is, he'd never be able to come up with a formula or mathematical measurement/answer. It would be the hot topic of scientific journals and scholars for centuries to come.

I'm really enjoying these final days with him before the descending of the wee little girl. Both of our worlds are about to be rocked and changed forever. I want to embrace these last moments when it is just the two of us.

Mothering Peter has been the "post-Lucy" life I have known and that is all about to change. Vic and I still can't wrap our heads around the fact that we're having another little girl. It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds for us emotionally and otherwise.

But back to my wiener, he is talking up a storm and melting my heart. And this kid has got a sense of humor! (Takes after his mutha). He knows his letters and shapes and colors and loves singing the ABC song, I Am a Child of God, and especially Put on Your Sunday Clothes from "Hello Dolly" (which he knows from the opening credits of the cartoon Wall-E).

He talks about himself in third person at all times and it is so adorable. "I wanna go water slide Peter".

He's calming down a bit and learning to follow directions and I'm excited to see him as a big brother.

Now...lets do some birthing.


  1. Hope is smiling brightly around you, isn't it! What a way to ROCK your world! God luck Molly~ Can't wait to hear that she has arrived!

  2. He is looking SO big and cuter than ever. You must be so very proud.

    I can't believe you are going to be meeting your daughter any day now...so exciting. And emotionally complex, no doubt.

    I'm hoping you have a completely painless birth that lasts 30 seconds. A little ambitious maybe, but I dream big.

  3. I got to spend a day with him and will verify his total cuteness!

  4. Yeah!!! Thanks for the giveaway_ Can't believe I actually won something!! I sent you an email and look forward to seeing a great play_

  5. He is a cutie. My husband and I are wondering the same thing you and Vic are about having another kid the same gender as the one we lost. We are having our 4th boy anytime now and I just wonder how it will be emotionally to have another baby boy after losing our Luke. Only time will tell I guess. Good Luck to you in your birthing. . . . I know I am TOTALLY ready to be done!
    Jan Taylor

  6. I am quite ready to see pictures of your beautiful girl. I can only imagine how ready you are ;-)

    God's speed little one. Lucy, mark her well with a sweet kiss so mommy and daddy know you are safe, happy and smiling brightly.

    God bless the Jackson Family!


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