What is This Cuteness I See Before Me?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Peter and Eagle are quite a pair. The weather is getting so nice and we're enjoying adventures in our backyard and at all the nearby parks. These two balance each other out so nicely and Eagle rolls with Peter's punches--literally. You'd be hard pressed to find two more coordinated, athletic, energetic 3 yr. olds. 

I would advise you to continue reading my blog so you can follow their careers as Olympians/Professional Athletes. You'll be able to say, "I knew them when..."

As far as Peter's behavior and car seat issues--WE ARE DOING MUCH BETTER. You are all full of such wonderful advice and crazy stories to make a mad woman feel a bit more balanced! I love it. 

Which reminds me, have you read the article below? Click on the graph for a little treat. 

My, how I love my Peter boy. 


  1. I had to try the zip ties on the car seat straps for my little Houdini after I read all the helpful comments readers sent to you! My little boy (three next week) was OUTRAGED that he couldn't get out of his seat but ... joy! he can't get out of his car seat!!!!

  2. Can I borrow this graph???

  3. Darling buddy photos!!!



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