Sneak Peek of Her Nursery

Thursday, May 17, 2012

She might not be here yet, but her nursery is ready and waiting--and I'm so in love with it. There are so many more wonderful shots to show you (before and after)...but I couldn't wait to give you a little sneak peek. 

Kalie Mack Graves of K.G. Designs did it for me. SHE IS AMAZING!!

Go check out her facebook page. I'll be doing a giveaway with her that you won't want to miss! I can't wait to tell you how much we spent on this entire puppy. Your jaw will drop. (Design on a Dime ain't got nothin on us. More like "Design on a Penny").

But in bigger news, Vic's brother and his wife had their baby girl early this morning! It was fun to wake up and tell Peter he has a new cousin named Tatum. Our little one isn't far behind. I can't wait to rock her in the nursery and sing to her. 


  1. So pretty and full of love!

  2. ohh so cute! can I come and rock her for a spell? ...when she comes of course.

  3. I can tell that I love it already!!! Your loyal subjects are all waiting for the news that a new princess has arrived!!

  4. I love the colors... wow! Love the yellow crib too... reminds me of sunshine and we could all use more sunshiny days.


  5. beautiful!!
    oh, can't wait for you to hold her in that room.

  6. oh molly it's beautiful! so excited for you and your darling family :)

    ps - i had my baby 2 months ago. we've emailed a few times ;)

  7. Did you know that we are coming to Utah for a good chunk of June? Can I bring you dinner? Any requests? I am so excited to meet your little girl. I hope you are feeling better from your nasty cold and dehyratedness. Take care Molly!
    P.s. Do you get to deliver in the beautiful pc hospital?

  8. Oh and I love your nursery as well! Nice work!

  9. darling darling darling!!! I am so happy for you I can barely stand it:)


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