Husband Turns 40, Wife Gets Award

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vic turned 40 yesterday. It was a perfect day, I must say. I felt well, I had energy, my mind was clear, I didn't have too many aches and pains, and it was the perfect blend of seeing friends and spending time together as a family. 

(I finally went through a round of anti-biotics and it has made all the difference. PTL!)

So here's what I did to earn the award as best wife ever. I'm sorry, it can't be disputed so don't try. 

About 6 weeks ago, Vic's sister, Jenny, sent out an email with some ideas for upcoming birhdays in the Jackson Family.  Originally, my plan was to make a book in my iphoto program with photos and letters from friends and loved ones about Vic. The one I made for my sister recently is a real treasure. 

But after getting Jenny's email I thought, "If I could get 40 of Vic's favorite things, what would they be?" 

Then it hit me like a ton of books....


Do you understand that I contacted 40 individuals--friends and family--and asked them to send  THEIR FAVORITE book to give to Vic for his 40th? And the amazing part is that they did it! We all know it is no easy feat to get something in the mail. Even if it is ordered on Amazon. 

Think of your favorite thing--Red Mango Frozen Yogurt? Lulu Lemon clothing? Thai Food? Oh wait, those are mine. Anyway, imagine getting FORTY of those items. 


When Vic turned 5, he had a "cowboys and Indians" birthday party. 11 boys showed up and all but one of them gave him toy guns. He talks about it to this day with a light in his eyes comparable only to his facial expression when chocolate is around. Legend has it, he fell asleep that night with gun holster on hip, bed strewn with guns, and a smile across his face. Best birthday ever, he says. 

Well folks, he told me yesterday that this birthday was just as amazing and wonderful as his 5th!! Piranha gun--Oh ya!

Thank you to all who participated and sent books tied in beautiful ribbon with hand-written notes to my wonderful and deserving husband. (As well as those that were not wrapped or without notes...) I realized last night that I left a few of his circle of friends out! (Chapmans...are you reading this?) 

We enjoyed a nice day at church, dressed in our special Lucy clothing (lots of bright pink), Rachael came and did a photo shoot in our beautiful backyard after church, then we headed to the Hales for delicious roast and wedge salad followed by cake. 

Later in the evening I made the boys camp out in the basement while I got the "surprise party without people" ready in the kitchen. 

When Vic and Peter came upstairs for the gift unveiling, I could barely sing "Happy Birthday"--I was so overcome with emotion. This is why: I'm pregnant. I love my husband so much. I'm so grateful for the beauty in our life. I'm overwhelmed by the love and generosity of friends. 

That's when Peter blew out Vic's candle and Vic started salivating over the books. 


  1. OMG, that idea is pure brilliance!! Seriously, I wish I'd thought of that. You totally deserve Wife of the Year. What are you going to wear to the awards ceremony?

    Happy birthday to Vic!

  2. wow Molly! What a very cool idea! Yes, the Chapmans read the post ;) We totally would have participated and sent a book! But, I know how hard it is to remember everyone in a long list of people sometimes, so we don't take offense. Just very glad that Vic had a very happy birthday. He so deserves it, and 40 books is way way nicer and sweeter than the typical mean things you can do on a 40th birthday (maybe it's a good thing I didn't realize he was turning 40 until it was too late!) Happy 40th Birthday Vic! Much love from your friends in NM. We miss you both and hope to see you sometime this year...

  3. Hi, I just recently started reading your blog and I love it. You are a strong person having to go through a tough situation...a situation no person should experience. I loved your birthday idea for your husband. You are so thoughtful to your husband and it is evident and you love him a lot. I was wondering if there is any way you would be willng to post the title of the 40 books he recieved. I, myself, am an avid reader and seeing what other people think are good books might help for those who will have a long summer ahead! Again, thank you for your blog and I wish you and your family a smooth transition (and a fast and easy labor) with this next baby into your life!

  4. I would love to see a book list! Great idea!

  5. thats awesome. happy birthday Vic, and hope you will give us some book reviews! :)

  6. What a brilliant Idea. Happy Birthday Vic!

  7. 1. BEST wife contest!
    2. That is exactly what I want for my 45 th birthday in September.
    3. Tragically, I don't believe I know 45 people.
    4. Time to start drinking.

    That is all. Oh, wait...

    6. Peter is deliciously handsome and I would like to eat him!

  8. I'm so glad Vic had a great day. I will silently take part credit. Our thoughts are with you today.

  9. What a great idea! Happy birthday, Vic. A wow Peter looked so sharp and grown up with his bow tie and short hair. So I noticed the Despicable Me quote. Are you watching/listening to that movie at least once a day, too? I think I know every single line of that movie, but I'm just glad it's no longer Cars that is on every day.

  10. Fantastic idea! Happy Birthday, Vic!

  11. I love this idea! My brain is spinning just thinking of who I'm going to do this for first!

  12. What a great idea!! I saw Unbreakable and The Last Lecture, both excellent!! I would love to see the list of all the books he got!


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