Sunday, May 6, 2012

Downton Abbey in Real Life!

We have some new neighbors across the street. We love them. Their two children, George and Scarlett, are so proper and well-behaved and adorable. And with a huge Thomas the Train collection, Peter seems to have taken a liking to them as well. (Don't forget about the Heber Valley Railroad Thomas Competition).

I knew that Alex, the father, is from England. And that his wife lived there for quite some time. I also knew that Alex is the head butler at the St. Regis resort here in Deer Valley (my good friend Kate--who did all the table and lobby decor for the benefit concert--THANK YOU! --I swear, she's a traveling event rolled into red-haired goodness--What was I saying--Oh, she also did all the interior design for the St. Regis so she works with Alex)...

Incomplete Sentence.

Anyway, what I didn't know is that he worked for the Queen of England for ten years as one of the, oh dear, "head horsemen"? Footman? Something super fancy and formal. He was out in front of his house the other day after work in his very spiffy clothing and had a large framed photograph in his hand. The photo was with the Queen of England and her entire staff--and there he was!

I asked him if it was like Downton Abbey and he said, "Yes! It is. Except the maids wear two uniforms. White in the morning and black in the evening." He had all sorts of stories and comparisons. Yes, he watches and very much enjoys the show.

So. Cool.

They are leaving in a few weeks to go back to England for a visit. This leaves me with a few questions--How can we be included in their next trip? And if you are reading this and don't know what Downton Abbey is or haven't watched it on PBS, I have no idea why I am talking to you right now. Friendship over.


  1. I just started watching "Downton Abbey" on April 15. Funny coincidence; it was my wedding anniversary (I got married on the 65th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic) and as I started watching the first episode I quickly realized that the Titanic had just sunk. I have already watched the entire first season and 3 episodes of the second. It's a great show!! What brought your neighbor to Park City? That's a major change from working for the Queen.

  2. OK, small world. Jessica is my son's teacher at Shining Stars. We adore her and her hubby and their little ones. They are the sweetest of all people. And whenever her husband is around, I like to hang about (stalker), just to hear him talk. Awesome they're your neighbors, Molly. Luckkkky! (And they're lucky, too.)

  3. Blast! I don't have cable or whatever. Never heard of Downtown Abbey. So sad that we can't be friends. :(

  4. First time commenting and I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY!!! So can't wait for the third season...and I too wondered if people still did that kind of stuff for a living!

  5. Oh... I LOVE downton abbey. I can't even express how much!!!

  6. He did a "spot" on Channel 5 news the other night. He showed what butler services in the St. Regis includes. It was highly entertaining. Seemed like he has no problem laughing at himself. Small World.

  7. Downtown Abbey is where I would love to live and be so proper...of course upstairs and with all the fancy clothes and parties! I must not forget the beautiful hats as well! How about that love scene with the long awaited proposal between Matthew and Mary? It's about time! I think I may watch an episode this evening!

  8. How cool! I used to babysit the most adorable boys from England, and that whole family was so sweet. The boys were so sweet and so proper. Can't wait for the next season of Downton, and I'm so glad you're not dumping me :)

  9. Oh and can we talk about those vintage Chanel dresses of Mary's. WOW! IF only...


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