Can You Laugh at Yourself? { I love this video }

Friday, May 11, 2012
I used to be a silent sleeper. I prided myself on it, in fact. I can't handle when other people snore. Besides the obvious (waking you up) it just grates on my nerves in a million ways! (Partly because I'm jealous of the sound sleeper....and how do they sleep through the sound of their own log sawing???!! And when will the madness cease)??

WELL.. since becoming pregnant and being sick for practically my entire 3rd trimester, I have left the silent sleeping behind. In a big bootie way. (Seriously, I used to lay in bed at night, back when I was 108 pounds of marathon running muscle, and I would smile at how I couldn't even hear the sound of my own breathing)...

Vic knows  how much I used to brag about how I never snore.

Well--TAKE. A. LOOK.

I never knew I was so good at it!!! I will have to change my bragging routine from "silent sleeper" to "excellent pregnant hippo snorer."

(I give a lot of credit to the ambien, the sickness, and the awesome cheap ear plugs I discovered at Walgreens in L.A. Everyone should sleep with earplugs).

I can't believe Vic filmed this before he left for work a few weeks ago. What a rascal.


  1. Oh Molly!! I see my prayers that you may have deep quality sleep are being answered. :) I only snore when pregnant but I snore horribly in ever pregnancy. It's honestly so loud that it sometimes wakes me up. Take heart, I really think it will go away when the baby comes!! Vic is a bold, bold man to video this. I have reminded Scott many times that husbands make plenty of interesting sounds themselves. Here's to a good night of rest for you both!!

  2. Just one more reason to love the magnificent Molly! You are a treasure to laugh at yourself like that. At one time or another everyone snores. It's a biological truth. I think you are an exceptional scorer. Brought back memories of my beloved daddy. We lost him 7 years ago and dude he. could. SNORE!!!

    So glad you and baby girl are getting the deep, REM level rest you both deserve. Hurry up baby girl we want to meet you!

    Happy Mother's Day Molly!

  3. We are of the same ilk. I am NOT a snorer (did I snore in NYC?), but Wes caught me on video once recently while preggo. You have no idea how many times I've wished I had my video cam handy to catch him! He's in total denial.

    PTL you are sleeping once in awhile...

  4. Happy Mother's Day Molly. As mother's of children in heaven I know that doesn't negate our status of mother to these children. Your daughter, and my only child, my son, are not with us here, but they are our children for eternity. You are blessed with Peter and your new baby girl. You are all forever in my prayers. Hope your day is very happy and very blessed.


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