You Know Those Quotes...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

(someday, i will have no more gold on my fireplace. SOMEDAY. then i will be happy...)

You know all those quotes that go around the internet--facebook, pinterest, mass email....that say something to the effect,

"I thought when I finally got out of high school I would be happy. And then I thought when I got out of college I would be happy. And then I'll be happy once I'm married, or have a baby, or make more money, or lose 10 pounds (or get over this horrible sickness and get this baby out and Peter to grow out of this HORRENDOUS behavioral phase or whatever it is!)... but happiness is a journey and not a destination." Blah, blah...

Well, I want to coin some phrase or quote that says essentially the same thing but instead of saying at the end, "but happiness is a journey and not a destination" it will say--

"And I discovered I was entirely right." 

Because let's be honest--

A clean house
Good health
Manageable Children
Retired with a free schedule
Enjoying Grandkids and being empty-nesters
Looking pretty darn good
Getting a full night's sleep
Reunited with Loved Ones

This is happiness to me.

There are some things you DO and there are some things you ENDURE.

Just one of those days. Thank you, and Amen.


  1. I am going to reference only your first comment about your fireplace.
    I had metallic on mine that I HATED, too...for years.
    $3 can of spray paint + 5 minutes +drying time = super happy me.
    Of course it is last on your list right now, but just know it is do-able. Maybe it could be on Vic's to do list ;)

  2. I think the reason those retirement years are so great is because of the great memories of younger years where kids were home etc. I think all the frustration melts away and the good is least that's what my Mom who is 80 tells me. Maybe there's a little dementia too that helps the good memories :)

  3. I like the fact that there is an ad for a Snickers egg below this post. I'm 100% sure that if I had one of those I would be happy.

  4. Good point.
    some days its hard to enjoy the journey.

  5. Amen! It takes an expert endurer to find the good on some days, such as being grateful that a good cry can actually help make you feel a little better!

  6. Amen! It takes an expert endurer to find the good on some days, such as being grateful that a good cry can actually help make you feel a little better!

  7. Your honesty is awesome!

    I had the same gold fireplace and just took that sucker a part and spray painted it. CHEAP and you'd never know by looking at it.

  8. I think that, too, but then I look at all the ailments old folks have, and think that at least now my body is (mostly) working. You can't have it all....or can we...?

  9. I just watched "Midnight in Paris" (see my blog) and think it says exactly what you just said. Cute movie! Good Message!

  10. we just spray painted the gold on our fireplace. Super easy and super cheap. Just ask the guys at Lowes or Home Depot which paint you can use on fireplaces.

  11. Each stage has it's pros and cons. I do admit I love my sleep. I am in the Empty Nest phase and I sure miss my kiddos. I think all of us appreciate and cherish good health (when we have it). I know I do.



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