To My Mother's Chagrin

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet Sherbet (with the orange sherbet beak), Buster (dark fur), and Lily (pink beak). 

This last photo was taken after I put on a "monster mask" and was playing with Peter. He backed away from me and fell into the metal duck tub--just like people falling into barrels  of water in old western movies. I was trying not to laugh. Notice the identical faces of Peter and his daddy. Yes, we gave him a good scrubbing and washed his clothes. 

I KNOW! Can you even handle the cuteness??? It is too much!!

So as you may know, I felt like I was pretty much on my death bed for the past 3 weeks. I had my headstone envisioned and everything. "Died of exhaustion and complications from low-grade pneumonia/pregnant insanity".

Then I remembered I already have a headstone and it doesn't say that.

Which also reminds me of that time I told Vic's mom that through the hard times, when I can't handle the stress of marriage (this mostly involves things like talk radio and politics in our marriage--oh, and two strong-willed, highly stubborn, very smart people...) I just remember that our names are engraved together and "I guess I'm just going to have to make sure it works out..its set in stone."

But I digress. Why am I talking about headstones when we have all this cuteness we see before us?

It's because I thought I was going to die so I asked Grandma and Grandpa Jackson if they wouldn't mind taking Peter for a few days. They happily agreed and had a great time with their grandson in Spanish Fark--which included a trip to the C-A-L Ranch...which ended in the purchase of three ducklings.


I have never owned a pet in my life. My parents owned two dogs (not at the same time)--but other than that, I have never lived with an animal. Now I own three ducks!

Nana Bice is having a hard time sleeping in Russia because she worries about the pond/stream in our backyard and the ducks increasing Peter's interest in the water. I just want to reassure her that the ducks haven't stepped foot outside for one second. The dead bolts are locked on all of our doors. The deck is being fixed, the pond will dry up this summer, and the ducklings are soon on their way out. I think we will only keep them a few more weeks.

I guess since we are the only people in Park City who don't love dogs (or recycle--don't tell the Democratic Party--they'll kick me out), we can replace our dog affections with these little ducklings. And I'm already dreaming of the Citrus and Tea-Glazed Duck with Savory Wild Mushroom Pudding that I'm going to make. JUST KIDDING. But they are cute enough to eat--just like Peter.


  1. Oh so cute. And Peter is a DOLL. I can only imagine what your little girl is going to look like. Wait, I can angel.

    So good to see your beautiful face and belly tonight.

    You rock pregnancy. Anyone that can look that beautiful after sporting pneumonia while third trimester pregnant for WEEKS, is A-MAY-ZEENG.

    Praying for the safe arrival of your newest little angel, Molly.

  2. YES YES YES YES AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT!! Pets bring insanity and a healthy mess aka happy little boys!!!

  3. Molly,
    I know you've never had pets, so let me help you with some of the rules:
    #1 - you can't eat a pet after you name it!

    #2 - you can't call a pet a new member of the family if you intend to send it down the river (literally) in a few weeks

    #3 - How old were those ducklings when you got them? They do tend to imprint on people... I'm thinking you're going to have duck poop in your yard for longer than you think ;) Good luck with that.

    #4 - seriously seriously cute ducks. I am jealous. If I had any water within 100 miles of my house, I'd take them.

  4. I had pneumonia my last trimester with my last baby. It was MISERABLE, I wanted to die it was that bad! So sorry!

  5. So adorable!!! Love the names of the ducks too. :) Cute Peter boy. Love the post!

  6. I love ducks but they can be such a mess. They need water and their poop is all watery and horrible. I grew up with them on a little farm. I prefer chickens. They eat all the bugs, they give you a little present every day that is healthy and they are great composters. Anyways there is my 2 cents on fowl.

  7. So cute! It looks like Peter loved the ducks!

    I am your newest follower! Your Lucy changed my perspective on life. I am sorry for your loss and I appreciate the courage you found to share your story.

  8. Little ducks... too cute... but not as cute as Mister Peter.



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