Enthusiastic Hair

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter is my favorite holiday. What's not to love? The symbolism runs deep, the weather turning, the deep traditional history, the simplicity, the low-keyness, the HOPE, the colors, the Easter dresses, the customs...and of course the meaning. 

If you think about it...if it is really true, if we will all live again, REALLY live again, not just in a spiritual realm, but with perfected physical bodies (only the perfected part sounds appealing), never to experience death again!?? It gives me such hope. 

Surprisingly, I think much more about the spiritual reunion with Lucy than I do living with her actual body again (probably because I assume the spiritual will come first). But I've had this vision--this feeling and emotion put into mental pictures--that I often cling to. 

It is of me and Vic and Lucy on the beach. We are resurrected beings with perfect health, perfect wholeness and happiness, running along the beach at sunset, holding hands and skipping and laughing and feeling so completely at peace and happy that we can scarcely begin to believe it. And Peter is there...somehow. Whether as an adult, I don't know. But I feel him there. 

It gives me hope and feels so real. It feeds my faith. 

It is the not knowing for sure that feeds my faith. 

Which, by definition, is the very essence of faith in most religions, isn't it--the NOT KNOWING? 

So I will hope on and live on and love on and faith on--until that perfect day. 

HAPPY EASTER, my friends!

Do you realize that Peter's birthday is tomorrow, on EASTER? Do you realize how perfect and beautiful that is? I love the quiet reassurance and gift that that is to our family. Another powerful symbol that is so sure of itself it hardly needs to move its lips. 


  1. Loved your beautiful post. I was thinking some similar things today, about what it will be like to have perfected bodies. I have been thinking a lot about what it might be like to see my little one in her perfected body. We probably share some similar thoughts about this. It will be amazing, that is for sure. Love you.

  2. Easter... wonderful promise.

    Love Miss Lucy's enthusiastic hair. My Miss Madison had/has hair like Miss Lucy.

    Enjoy the day full of hope.


  3. Love the post about Easter! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful message and reminding us of what is important!

  4. Happy Easter! We love everything this day stands for! So much hope to share with our children for their futures as well as ours!

  5. I truly do see Lucy in every child with enthusiastic hair. That picture of her makes me cry--her beauty is out of this world.

  6. i cannot get over how much God loves you and is aware of you. its pretty much awesome how symbolic every single even is in your life.
    i love you.
    hugs. and happy easter/happy peter birthday :)


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