What Any Sane Mom Would Do

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
So I inadvertently, accidentally, randomly discovered that I had 2 free flights. What? And they are going to expire April 20th? I did what any sane mom would do and booked a 6 a.m. flight, the day after daylight savings, through two time zones, a flight transfer, with a 3 yr. old, in the final days before my benefit concert, while great with child. 

Hey, why not? 

HOWEVER--let it be known that Peter was so well behaved on both flights it was not to be believed!! He held my hand the entire time, sat in his car seat, followed me properly through the airport, didn't steal candy from any vendors, and made my heart melt like a hot knife through a cold plate a buttah. 

AND, AND, AND... I had no anxiety on the flights! 

Also, it is 80 degrees in St. Louis. EIGHT ZERO! 

Peter is having a ball with his cousins, as usual, and my sister and I are busy quilting, cleaning, designing, talking, and showing off our kids to each other. 

Sisters are the best. 

I want to leave you with a video clip of Angela Jeffries. She will be singing at the benefit concert this year. If you can handle professional, amazing, heartfelt, perfect, honest performances--than I dare you to watch this. And I dare you to come to the concert. 


  1. Thanks for the link to the concert videos... I have purchased 2 of Cherie Call cds. Love her music! I am hoping your concert is a huge success this year Molly!

  2. Hurray for Peter...Hurray for you!!!

  3. Yeah! St. Louis is a great city. And you sister is one of the best. Tell her hi from Amy Peterson!


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