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Monday, March 19, 2012


As mentioned earlier, I am in St. Louis visiting my sister. I've said it before and I'll say it again--St. Louis is a great city! I think it is highly underrated. I mean, do you ever hear of anyone planning a vacation to St. Louis? No. Only if they have family here. But I'm telling you--it is a gem! It is WONDERFUL for families and so many things are free.

The weather has been absolutely outstanding. Everything is in bloom. It's a rill treat, I tell ya.

So let's talk about my sister. She's one of my blog readers, so let's go ahead and use her as a Monday Reader post, shall we?

The deets:

Name: Amy Agnes Bice Larson
Birthplace: Manhattan
Birthdate: March 31, 1976
Height: Short
Cool things her brain has done: BYU Political Science full ride Presidential Scholarship
BYU Law School Truman Scholar (A LARGE scholarship for graduate school given to only a few people in the entire county. Each college elects one student from their school and out of each college, I think 3 or 4 in the nation are chosen)
Also, I think she met the President of the United States about 3 times just while in highschool.
Was chosen to go to Girls State and Girls Nation.
Was on the cover of Newsweek
Worked for Clinton in the Whitehouse
Served a mission in Arcadia, California
Was somehow involved with Hilary writing "It takes a Village" (you know, Hilary Clinton)
Was on Al Gore's "advance team" during his campaign and traveled the country with him and his wife, Tipper--Including driving a car in the motorcade at one point. It was crazy.
Has done research on several published books.
Was SBA president in law school.
And a whole bunch of other crap. Who can remember it all?

Career: Attorney turned stay-at-home mom

Motherhood: 5 yr. old son, Jack (miracle child)
1 yr. old son, Henry (invitro, miracle baby, born 7 weeks early on Christmas Eve in Park City).

Spouse: Chad Larson of Humble, Texas--currently on the business faculty (PHd in accounting) at Washington University in St. Louis.

Attributes: Best sense of humor known to the human race.
Incredible Cook
Incredible decorator/great taste
Mad quilter
Inspired my love for running and has done a number of marathons.
A caring, giving, empathetic, truly loving person who TRULY sees people for who they really are; what their hurts are--What they need. She is always reaching out. (Like the time last week she drove to Lowe's and bought an air conditioning unit for her housekeeper, drove to her housekeeper's tiny house, and installed it in the window). She sees no race, religion, or socio-economic lines drawn. She just loves.
Incredible mother. Her son isn't 5.5 yet and has about a 2nd grade reading level.
Have I mentioned her sense of humor? It's too good to be true.
Rare farter.
World traveler.
Incredible public speaker.
Fantastic teacher.
Lover of books.
Easy-going but driven.

Why she reads my blog: I would guess obligation and boredom. And she loves Lucy. She was honestly my arms and legs during those weeks of agony.

Past history with me: Fights over clothes that could go down in American History books. One such fight led to her kicking a hole in the wall with her bare foot.

Is her life perfect? No. Has she accomplished a lot? Yes. Does she have any struggles? Yes. We all do. Does she deal with them with a good attitude? Yes. Has she put up with Peter with grace and patience this week? Yes.

In summary, the best sister I've ever had! I can't wait to show you the quilt we've been working on.


  1. What a wonderful sister you have !

  2. Woah! That's exhausting, just reading it!
    There's nothing like a sister. :)

  3. She sounds like heaven on earth. I don't have any sisters... If I got to choose, I'd take you two!!!

  4. I didn't know a few of those things even though I lived by Amy for four years. She is amazing. I'm glad to share her name!

  5. How nice to meet your sister! I had some knock down drag out fights over clothes with my sister as well!! I agree, St Louis is beautiful and underrated!!

  6. Oh my heck! My husband would be mesmerized with your sister... envious that she worked for President Clinton? On Al Gore's team? Helped Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with her book???? These are some amazing credentials for anyone... but considering we love the Clinton's in our home... WOW!!! When I tell Tony he will be so darned jealous.

    The best part is that you get to be there to visit with your sister. I have six sisters... and I don't get to see them nearly enough... even the ones that live fairly close.

    Wonderful meeting such a wonderful lady that happens to be your sister.


  7. i got myself a sister named amy, too. and shucks, it must be something about the name, cuz seriously.
    thanks for sharin' :)

  8. It's so great to hear about Amy here! I've always thought she was one of the most empowered girls from our high school. I'm glad that you have each other.

  9. WOW!

    Sisters are the best. Mine is 10 years older than me, so I never got to fight over clothes with her. I always felt a little deprived over that ;)

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  14. Amy is just as gorgeous as I remember her.

    You Bice girls are AAAmazing!

    Glad you're getting a va-cay. Have fun!


  15. St. Louis rules. So does your sister, sounds like. :)

    Glad you're having a nice visit.


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